Giveaways, Grapes + Gorg Weather

Giveaways, Grapes + Gorg Weather

Less than two weeks until the Dallas show = major crunch time for Flea Style!

We’ve been running around like mad plugging away for the parrrtaaay from placing orders (tables, chairs, balloons, banners, yard signs) to crafting load-in schedules and color-coded parking passes.

This show is by far our biggest ever (by an extra 65,000 square feet and 150 vendors alone!), so with it comes some big challenges, planning logistics and plain ol’ pains in the you-know-what (ordering scissor lifts and banner hanging ninjas is not our idea of fun).

But, all that said, it’s all going to be so worth it. The talent is beyond inspiring and will want to make you drop every dime in your checking account.  The vast food options and adult bevvies are worth the trek alone. And all of the giveaways (current prize above; see details on Instagram NOW!) we have in store value more $1500!

Here’s a little peek into our last few days of prep!


TGIF! Last Friday, I had a meeting with the local Kendall-Jackson girls to dream up our bar menu, vibe and decor. It’s going to be so great, y’all. Arrive thirsty to the show, trust me!


Although the Dallas show is top of mind for us right now, Houston is right around the corner and we’re pouring our hearts and souls into the event from our promo flyer design (that’s the beginning design stage, above) to our April pre-party at Manready Mercantile and all of the event details (hiring our planner, insurance agent, etc.).

2016-02-29 12.05.53

Cozy, comfy clothes is the name of the game these days. Many days we end up on the office concrete floor crafting streamers, laying out floor plans and hand-lettering loot.

Of course half of my wardrobe is from our shows including this ’90s white duster from Yellow Wood Vintage!

2016-02-29 14.20.45

Monday Kendall-Jackson catered in lunch to finalize all the show bar details. Wine with delish sammies and chocolate chip cookies on a manic Monday? Yes, please!

2016-03-01 13.16.20-1

This. Weather. Although we’ve been chained to our desks a lot lately, we’ve loved opening our dock door and enjoying this weeks’ gorg spring-like temps.


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