Krish Coffee Is Cool Beans

Krish Coffee Is Cool Beans

We drink a lot of java at Flea Style. One of our favorite brews is Krish Coffee, a budding Dallas-based brand owned by pals Brandon Boyd and Cameron Davis. (Yep, not only do we shop small, but we sip small too!)

The boys have been fueling our shoppers, vendors and office since 2015 with their small-batch roasts. We recently sat down with the duo to find out how two dudes in the mortgage services biz tackled the coffee industry.


Why did you launch Krish?

We had no idea we would start a coffee company. We had a friend who talked about coffee all the time and how many people loved coffee. We researched coffee for almost a year, and then developed a relationship with a coffee farmer/estate in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.

Give us the CliffsNotes on Krish.

It’s organic Arabica coffee shade-grown in the Himalayan Mountains. Our beans are all picked, washed and sorted by hand, with no additives, mixes or blends. 

Is this your full-time job now?

Not yet, per se, but Krish is indeed a full-time job. Krish requires a ton of energy and focus, and we love every minute of it. For example, most of the packaging is done by us. We are hoping that as demand increases for our coffee we will be forced to outsource packaging. But, as of now, we put in all the manual labor for all shipped goods. We know Krish will soon be our full-time job, so we do not limit the time spent developing our brand.

What are your day jobs?

We are both in the mortgage financial services industry.

How did you learn to run a coffee company with mortgage industry chops?

We are still learning! We have used our experiences through previous business ventures along with our sales experience in the mortgage industry. The one thing that we have learned in the mortgage industry is that people do business with people they like. Aside from our coffee tasting great, we want our customers to feel a part of the Krish community.


What is your favorite Krish blend?

Our favorite is the medium roast; it’s a bold, smooth brew with a hint of earthy undertones. Lately, we have been playing around with a special blend of dark roast and cocoa for next winter.  We’re playing around with the name Krishmas Blend, but suggestions are welcome!

What’s next for Krish?

We are strongly considering starting a Krish app for our customers to purchase coffee and keep updated with product locations, discounts and membership info. We are putting tremendous focus this year on developing our brand and website to spread the word. When we launched in 2013, we spent the whole year giving away coffee. We devoted our entire inventory to giveaways, charitable events or just random people who loved coffee. We are hoping to do some of the same this year but steer people toward making purchases on our website.

Where would you like to see Krish in five years?

We would love to be known as one of the best-tasting coffees in the U.S. Since we have not taken a typical approach to starting our company, we would love to share our experiences with new business owners. Along this journey we have been fortunate to have a number of individuals who graciously donated their time, advice and support. We are grateful and would like to pass that to others. However, our primary goal at this time is to consistently provide the highest-quality product.

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