Meet Our Partnership Coordinator, Lauren Finegan

Meet Our Partnership Coordinator, Lauren Finegan

We’re excited to introduce y’all to Flea Style partnership maven Lauren Finegan. You may have seen her working her behind-the-scenes magic at our Summit, where she helped ensure attendees had the eats and drinks that fueled the day and helped keep things running smoothly. If you didn’t get to know her then, you can get to know her here.

And if you see her around town, ask her to dance (more on that in a minute)!


Full name: Lauren Reed Finegan

Age: 27

Four things to know about you:

  1. Smiling’s my favorite.
  2. I eat dessert first.
  3. I met my husband on Instagram.
  4. My sister-in-law, Jen Coleman of Ascot + Hart, introduced Brittany and me. Thanks, Jen!

Past work experience: Former professional ballerina and Romana’s Pilates instructor. I switched gears to focus on building a career in the marketing/PR space, with a focus on event production and digital content creation.

What you like most about what you do: The passionate people! I love building a trusted, professional network that allows me to facilitate strong, long-lasting relationships and connections.

Funny job story: First thing that immediately comes to mind would have to be all of the epic dance fails on and off stage. Those would include falling, being dropped, and costume malfunctions.



Why you’re excited to work with Flea Style: First of all, Brittany and the business she has built is #goals. The amount of love, inspiration, motivation, support, and kindness that I witness and feel from these women is out of this world. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be surrounded by such a welcoming and driven team. After years of moving, changing careers, and trying to find my niche in the workplace, I am right at home.

Favorite outfit: Other than fitness apparel, anything simple that also goes well with the unnecessary amount of shoes I own.

Favorite band/s: I’m into anything I can dance to. However, I do have to mention the White Stripes. My husband, John David, proposed during the song “Hotel Yorba” at a Jack White concert!

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Favorite food: Brunch.

Hobbies: Brunch, light-up dance floors, laughing until it hurts, traveling, networking and events, and experiencing the little things.

Current obsession: Rollerskating rinks and Polaroids — especially when the two are combined.

Favorite motto/quote: “The hustle is real.” And most food-related puns.

Something only your bestie knows about you: I don’t have any secrets, but I’d have to say … what I look like when I ugly cry (which is often). I love really good heart to hearts!


Wake-up time: If i’m not teaching an exercise class at 6 a.m., I like to wake up around 7:30 or 8.

Bedtime: If I’m not teaching an exercise class at 6 a.m., I try to go to bed before midnight.

Coffee or tea: Always coffee. Preferably from a local roaster/craft coffee shop. Go-tos include a cafe au lait, cold brew, iced americano, or pour-over from the slow bar.

Pandora or Spotify: Spotify! I use John David’s account.

Netflix or Amazon Prime (or maybe Hulu? Just YouTube?): We don’t have cable, so all of the above!

Facebook or Instagram: A fan of both, but Instagram is what’s up. Plus, most of my friendships started and developed through Insta (I might be good at stalking)!

Dogs or cats: Dogs! We have two.

Sunrise or sunset: Sunset; However, that answer could change on the occasion I’m up early enough to see the sunrise.

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