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Vendor Testimonials

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Why do you participate in Flea Style?

“Flea Style was my first show ever many years ago and has led to countless opportunities. I chose Flea Style as my first show because it was so well-organized and publicized. I had seen so much about it that I wanted to be part of it.”

How are your sales at Flea Style versus similar trade shows?

“Flea Style has always been one of my top shows of the year. The sales are stellar.”

How would you describe Flea Style’s vibe?

“It feels like family because of the team that organizes it and the repeat vendors and shoppers that come back each year. I look forward to seeing those faces, and my customers look forward to seeing the new things I bring. I’m excited about the opportunity to sell at such a great venue, and each year it continues to improve and grow in the best ways! I love the positive energy at Flea Style!”

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Become a Vendor

We’re an indoor (and climate controlled!) event featuring a hand-selected group of artisans and small businesses selling stellar handmade, vintage and one-of-a-kind wares. For more info, read our FAQs page.

To apply online click the “Apply today” button. If you want to apply for multiple cities, you must fill out separate applications. 

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