Meet Alyssa Cates

Meet Alyssa Cates

Flea Style hit the jackpot with Alyssa Cates. The Texas native is on her game from tackling spreadsheets to turning a thrift store buy into a runway look (doesn’t hurt that she’s 5’11”).

The 24-year old was hired last summer as Director of Operations.  Translation: She handles everything from vendor relations and PayPal invoices to event planning and pinning our Pinterest boards. We thought y’all might like to get to know her a bit. Take it away, Alyssa!

>>>  Hi there! I’m Alyssa Cates and I was born and raised in Conroe, Texas (you’d never suspect my southern roots except for the occasional “y’all” and deep love for Whataburger). I tower over nearly everyone at 5’11” but still wear heels.

I’m a classically trained soprano singer. Things that make me weak in the knees: my hubby, black coffee, thrift shopping and Pomeranians on Instagram. Honestly, I’m too ashamed to tell you how many pups I follow… okay, 28.


How did you get your job with Flea Style?

Without even the slightest idea if Flea Style was hiring (at that time it was The Dallas Flea), I sent a wordy email in a nutshell saying “I love what you are doing and I want to be a part of it.” A month later I met Brittany, we hugged after my interview (my heart melts) and the rest is history!

What do you like most about your job?  Worst?

Best part: Besides being exposed firsthand to the talent of our vendors and applicants, I love working for Brittany. She is amazing, don’t let her tell you otherwise. Office hours starting at 10 a.m. is praise worthy, too.

Worst part: I changed the toilet paper rolls in the porta potties at our last show. We do what we gotta do for our events, even if it involves a porta potty. The only other thing would be that I want to spend all of my money on our vendors’ wares.

Explain a typical day for you at Flea Style:

I check and respond to emails, make lists, manage applications, go to meetings, research (future vendors, event planning things, etc.) upload web content and ask Brittany 50 questions.

Coffee or tea? 

Both, 40 times over. Black coffee, Americanos (no room for cream, please), Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea (thanks for turning me onto that, Brittany!) and mint tea – hot or iced!

Current playlist on your way to work:

A mix CD by my fellow Flea Style co-worker, Katy, which includes the cutest holiday tunes. When it’s not the holiday season I usually listen to 91.7 KXT.

Favorite movie:  

It’s so hard for me to pick favorites. I feel like it puts me in a box! But for this, let’s say Hot Rod.


Favorite song:

Probably When U Love Somebody by Fruit Bats. That was my wedding exit song.

Favorite lipstick:

Right now NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Lipstick in Cherry Skies  but I am known to hoard lip products.

Where do you shop?  

I’m a thrift store girl. Put me in Garland Road Thrift Store and I will come out with a $2 XXL men’s button down and a pink pair of satin sleep shorts that I will wear with heels to an event.

What’s in your work bag?

A scribbled notepad, semi-tangled computer charger and my MacBook Air wrapped inside my Flea Style canvas tote.

Dream vacation location:

Greece. The pictures are enough to make me swoon. But let’s be honest, I’d take a trip anywhere! I have a whole world to travel. The only time I have left the country was to Mexico for my honeymoon last year.

Something only your bestie would know about you?

I was obsessed with Hilary Duff for years and can easily quote two of her albums (Metamorphasis & Fly) and her film “A Cinderella Story.” Seriously, you can test me.

New Year’s resolution?

To keep all of my clothes from ending up on the floor of my closet. And bathroom. And bedroom. And stairs. And car. I am a clothing tornado.


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