Office Tour with Katy Schilthuis

When we decided to launch our new website,, we knew we needed a web whiz. Enter Katy Schilthuis, our go-to girl for graphic design projects, digital know-how and anything that involves Photoshop and web code (oy vey!). 

Katy was a no brainer for our brand. In addition to being a graphic design prowess, she runs Sushi and Queso — a paper and home goods biz named after her two cats (more on them here) — that has showcased with Flea Style since 2014.

We asked Katy to show off her darling Dallas home work space where she clocks hours for her budding brand (admittedly in yoga pants).

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Walk us through a typical workday at home:

My day always starts with a great cup of coffee and music. After that I’ll respond to customer messages and fulfill orders, then usually work with clients on custom pieces. From there, I prep for upcoming shows and print products.

How big is your office?

About 100 square feet.

What’s your favorite thing about your workspace?

It’s quaint and peaceful, with lots of natural light. My cats love to sunbathe in there.

Where do you stock up on office supplies?

IKEA, Target and Paper Source. They’re all great affordable ways to add modern design and color to a room.


Favorite thing inside your desk drawer?

My quirky Knock Knock notepads.

Mac or PC?

I use a MacBook Pro. At home in my office, I plug it into a giant monitor and use Apple’s wireless keyboard and trackpad.

What’s inside your mug while working?

I always drink hazelnut flavored coffee with skim milk and sugar inside one of my mug designs. My favorites are “This Might Be Vodka” and “But First, Coffee.” “Cat Mom” is up there too!

Go-to work music:

When I’m not listening to modern show tunes (Pandora Station: RENT or Spring Awakening), you can find me listening to acoustic covers and fun indie beats (Pandora Station: Ingrid Michaelson).


What’s your most used (non-computer) tool?

My Kate Spade notebook. I love to take time to clear my mind and doodle with my calligraphy pen.

If you could satellite office for a day, where would we find you?

A coffee shop in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood.

Find Katy’s Sushi and Queso Designs at