Hello, 2016!

We are so excited about 2016! Like scored-Adele-front-row-seats kind of excited.

Last year we took a leap of faith and moved our Dallas spring show from its comfortable longtime digs to a 20,000 square foot warehouse and added about 40 more vendors. By fall, we doubled that square footage and vendor count to keep up with our growing shopper base’s demand.

Well, that was 2015. This year we’re going full-throttle (CliffsNotes here).

First order of business: Over the next two weeks, we are combing through each and every spring show application to carefully curate an incredible mix of crafters, collectors and creatives for our spring shows. (These photos are just a tiny sampling submitted from the several hundred that applied.)


I’m blown away by the talent out there. I’m equally gobsmacked by the distance these small businesses are willing to travel to set up at our show (dozens and dozens of applicants are based several hours — or states — away from our venues).

Expect heaps of fresh faces and wares this spring. And more vintage clothing and decor than ever (my personal fave)!!!

We are so excited to share our rosters with you (and several more product sneak peeks). We will announce the lists Tuesday January 12th here and via social media.

Once that’s off our plate we will be working around the clock on event planning details (musical acts, food trucks, goodie bags, DIY craft station stuff). We’ll be sure to keep y’all in the loop.

Stay tuned!