Girl Boss: Carmen Aberasturi

Try to meet somebody sweeter than Carmen Aberasturi (no really, try us!). The Peruvian potter is one of the kindest people we know.

We’ve been blessed to call her a Flea Style family member for several years and have watched her little pottery line grow into a cult-favorite lifestyle brand that shoppers specifically seek out each show.

From earthy-meets-contemporary bowls and vases to sweet and simple ring dishes, she hand-makes something for all styles and aesthetics.

When did you decide to start your business and why?

I started my business because I’ve always had a passion for art. I would freelance with my art but wanted to be able to follow my love for pottery full-time. It is exhilarating to work morning until night doing something I love and creating meaningful, personal work that I can share.


What’s the story behind your business name?

“LemonGlaze” reminds me of a phrase that we use in Peru when something is pretty or good.  My Peruvian heritage is reflected in some of  my art, so I chose a name that had personal and cultural significance.

Did you go to school or have professional training in your field?

I have been working as an artist all my life and picked up pottery six years ago. To learn the newest pottery techniques, I continue to enroll in ceramic classes at the local college. I am always researching new practices to enhance my technique and craft.

Is this your full-time job? 

Yes! I took a leap of faith and left my comfortable job to start my own business selling my own pottery. I work longer hours and have less stability but know I made the best decision.

Do you have any employees? 

I don’t. I enjoy doing everything from creating the pieces to talking to clients at craft shows myself. This company is very personal, and I believe in being part of every facet of LemonGlaze.

What was the hardest part about starting your business? Favorite part?

The hardest part about starting a business is actually starting the business. LemonGlaze’s beginning was almost accidental: I began taking pottery classes and producing bowls and other knick-knacks I would want around my own house. Over time, I began to build a style, then a customer base, and now a full-time business. The hardest part was actually convincing myself I could pursue my dream and do this full-time.



If you could go back and do anything differently, what would you change?

I wish I would have started LemonGlaze earlier. It was a huge leap of faith to leave my comfortable job. However, I am able to pursue my passion of creating pottery and meet new people and artists at the various craft shows. I am grateful to the community of artists and customers that allow me to live my dream.

What has been your proudest moment so far in your business?

I am proud when I am able to inspire others to also pursue their dreams and start their own businesses. Recently, I even had a friend sign up for a pottery class so she could potentially create a LemonGlaze of her own.

Do you have any tips for newbies in the industry?

You will work harder when it is your own business, but you will have more fun. If you are not having fun, it’s not worth it.


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