House Tour with Molly Mathias of MM Vintage

House Tour with Molly Mathias of MM Vintage

Who has a Masters in Taxation (ask your CPA), a real estate license and moonlights as a home decor picker/online shopkeeper? Molly Mathias.

We have a mad crush on the chameleon collector. And, after visiting her Oak Cliff bungalow, we now spend our free time fantasizing about sipping French 75’s from one of her rad rattan chairs.

Since 2013, Molly has been a fixture at our flea market showcasing her vintage furniture and decor mix that straddles bohemian, mid-century, eclectic and primitive style categories.

When not selling houses to clients, Molly is combing estate sales, refurbishing furniture, uploading items to her Etsy shop and rearranging her living room and storage unit to accomodate her growing stash of groovy items (all of which will be for sale at our spring Flea Style Dallas event).

She hopes to make her passion a full-time gig and to decorate homes one day, too. With her stylish eye and financial savvy, sounds like a shoo-in if you ask us.



Hello, happiest entry ever! Molly hand-stenciled the gray dalmation dot pattern herself.

The vintage hotel sign photograph is from the very first Flea Style event in 2009 when she visited as a shopper. The black and white house photograph is Molly’s current adorable digs back in the 1920’s.



Although nearly every single item in Molly’s house is for sale, she says you’d have to arm wrestle her for the wicker peacock chair.  It’s one of her two favorite things in her home (the other is a ’70s wood coffee table).



Molly is a DIY ninja. She mastered these concrete countertops herself! She also painted the cabinets, swapped out several ho hum light fixtures around the house for unique vintage styles and tiled her own bedroom floor.

P.S. How gorgeous are those antique stained glass cabinets?!


Molly keeps her online store organized in these shelves. She says baskets are one of her favorite things to shop for these days and a current best-seller.




Find MM Vintage online at and at our spring Flea Style event March 12th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Fair Park in Dallas. 


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