Flea Market Fab Dinner Party

File last night under magical.

Cleveland, Ohio based flea market lover/interior designer Jen Harrison (aka @fleamarketfab) was in town for a decorating project with trendsetter Jane Aldridge (@seaofshoes). Paige Morse hosted a dinner to toast Jen’s Texas visit (they’ve been friends via Instagram for a while) with ten other likeminded women (and fan girls, let’s be real).

I’ve admired Jen’s style – layered, bohemian, worldly, pattern-happy, colorful – for a while on Instagram. Her spaces are chock full of flea market finds (kindred spirits, clearly) and so cheerful and cozy that you want to curl up inside with a good glossy and glass of wine (shop her online global bazaar here).

I was thrilled to find out Jen is just like her spaces: happy, interesting, loveable. She’s so stinking nice. And humble. And effortlessly stylish. She’s an all-around cool girl.

2016-01-23 00.10.43

Paige transformed her cozy Oak Cliff bungalow into a boho-chic global wonderland. Enter African feather headdresses, Guatemalan textiles, mercury glass vases, jewel-toned florals and glassware and loads of candles.

The guest list was a thoughtful mix of local artists, stylists, entrepreneurs, photographers and bloggers age 24 to 50-plus (Jen’s a “glam-ma” – yes, grandma – to seven!!!). I’m tickled to say that nearly all of the women are Flea Style vendors and shoppers!

Below, from left: Moi (@fleastyle), Jen Harrison (@fleamarketfab), Paula Minnis (@gaiaforwomen), Kelley Copeland (kelleycopeland), Paige Morse (paige_morse), Mel Remmers (melremmers), Judy Aldridge (@atlantishome), Molly Mathias (@mmvintage59) and Diana Alonzo-Donjuan (diana_donjuan). Not pictured: Judy’s daughter Jane Aldridge (@seaofshoes) and Jen’s talented photographer Anisa Rrapaj (@anisarrapaj).

2016-01-23 00.11.39

Mel (a Dallas spring Flea Style vendor selling gorgeous female and fashion paintings) cooked the fabulous meal that included apricot couscous, a Mediterranean vegetable salad, savory pork stew, roasted chicken and an ooey gooey baked brie dish.

Sorry there are no food shots, but I was so consumed with the meal and company that I didn’t take a single photo until the very end of the evening! Hence, the subpar pix.


But, back to the fun details… How gorgeous and clever is this drippy floral centerpiece that Paige made?

Instead of sitting at a traditional dining table, we sat Indian style around a beautifully dressed low slung coffee table similar to meals in Morocco and Japan.

2016-01-22 22.10.59


Over several hours (and several bottles of wine), we got to know each other and learn about everybody’s professions and projects.

It was fun and refreshing to sit down with a group of ladies that are so passionate about life from their work and families to travel and helping out other entrepreneurs. From the sensory overload to the inspiring stories, I will feast off this dinner for a while…

2016-01-22 22.28.03