Vendor Spotlight: Lauren Essl

Last week incredibly cool calligrapher Lauren Essl hijacked our Instagram account to tout some of her favorite things from tacos to travel locales.

In case you missed it, here’s the recap plus a bonus post from the longtime Flea Style vendor.

“Hi y’all! @laurenessl here, taking over the @fleastyle Instagram for the day. I’m looking forward to sharing a little bit about myself and the world as I see it. I’m a graphic designer and calligrapher living in the heart of Fort Worth with my husband, Travis, and our three rescue dogs Olive, Matilda and Millicent in a tiny old home we love to take apart and put back together. I own a business called @blueeyebrowneye, named after Olive, my blue-eyed/brown-eyed baby girl, and work primarily in the wedding industry designing invitations and doing fun calligraphy projects.”


Flea Style Takeover_Image 2


“Why calligraphy? I get asked this a lot. When I was an engaged person myself, my mother suggested we take a calligraphy class or two in the hopes we might be able to DIY my envelopes. Fast forward almost 7 years, and it’s still one of my favorite things I get to do. In addition to offering calligraphy services, I teach modern pointed pen classes all over the US – and even have online classes, as well. I love calligraphy because it’s so accessible – no good handwriting required. My handwriting is horrible!”


Flea Style Takeover_Image 3


“Finding personal creative outlets is really important for every person, and last year I started up a little shop full of products that make me happy. Color is a big part of my visual inspiration – you can easily see this in a visit to my uber pink studio. These YASSS mugs have been fun to sell, y’all know it’s a phrase that comes out of your mouth all the time!”


Flea Style Takeover_Image 4 Alternate


“Nothing inspires me more than travel. If I’m in the same place for too long, I get antsy! A favorite escape is Marfa, where time slows down and the sunsets are magic.”


Flea Style Takeover_Image 6


“Chips and salsa, tacos, and a cold beer – they’re calling my name! It has been a lot of fun sharing a little bit about myself today. Thanks for reading along! Now, @salsalimon, one of my Fort Worth favorites, sounds pretty darn good for dinner.”

Shop Lauren Essl’s line Blue Eye Brown Eye here