Field Trip: Long Beach Flea

Last week, after the trash was collected and the final streamer was pulled from our show’s soaring warehouse ceiling, I packed up my toddlers and hopped on a plane to Southern California to visit my family and take a deep breath (my husband conveniently had a boys’ tripped planned).

Luckily the kids’ spring break fell on the Long Beach Flea, my favorite flea market in California.

Yesterday my mom and I left bright and early for the outdoor market, which is housed at a college parking lot and has at least 200 vendors hawking everything from seashells and old wood crates to restored furniture, rocker tees and African textiles.

As many of you know, we are launching e-commerce at this summer. Year one on our site, we are going to sell exclusive items from our vendors as well as one-of-a-kind pretties my team and I source from flea markets we visit.

So shopping this flea was really different for me. I had to consider shipping costs. Shopper style preferences (versus just hunting for treasures that tantalize my funky taste). And, most importantly, I had to think about wholesale/retail pricing. Oy vey!!!

Here is a little look into my daylong shopping spree with my momma and our very full beach wagon.