Flea Style does YouTube

Yep, we’re officially on YouTube.

Alyssa and Kristy talked me into our own channel. I have to admit, I’m not a YouTube kinda girl. But, after learning more about it, I get the appeal and why it speaks to so many peeps.

On our channel, expect behind-the-scenes footage of our work life. We’ll be offering up tutorials and tips about all things Flea Style (fashion how-to’s, vintage shopping tricks, you name it). Will also sprinkle the channel with lots of vendor love from Q&A’s to home tours.

We’re really excited about this new platform to spotlight our biz and artisan roster. Take a look at our first vlog (that’s video blog for short, for YouTube newbies like me) following our recent staff retreat to East Texas to shop Canton and enjoy a lake house slumber party with some vendors.

Action! And enjoy!