Meet Our Editorial Director, Allison Hatfield

We’re thrilled to introduce y’all to our newest squad member, Allison Hatfield! Allison officially joins our team tomorrow as Editorial Director to handle everything from social media posts and cool blog content to a new weekly newsletter.

We’re beyond lucky to snag her and cannot wait to see our editorial content flourish with her behind the Flea Style wheel. Here’s a little bit about our witty new team member.

Full name: Allison Renae Hatfield. My first name is after Mia Farrow’s character in the 1960s nighttime soap Peyton Place. My last name is part of American folklore. I have no idea where the middle part came from.

Birthday: December 30. That makes me a Capricorn.

A little bit about yourself: I’ll let my Bumble description do the heavy lifting: Dog lover. TV watcher. Yogi. Adventurer. Mostly vegetarian. Fully alive.

Past work experience: I cut my journalism teeth writing about long-haul trucking (true). I helped American Online launch Digital Cities Dallas back in the day, before moving to New York City and joining the editorial team at DailyCandy. Nine years and what seemed like 9 million amazing stories later, the company shuttered. I’ve been working in marketing for the last year-plus.

Favorite interview ever: I wrote for a pet magazine for a while, interviewing celebrities about their pets. There was one day when I spent the morning by the pool at The Beverly Hilton Hotel with Merv Griffin, chatting with him about his Shar-Pei. That afternoon, I drove up to Wendie Malick’s house in Topanga Canyon to talk about her dogs and cats and horses. I thought, “It really can’t get any better than this.” But then I was sent on a travel assignment to French Polynesia.

Funny job story: I once had to fact check an article on strip clubs for D Magazine, which meant I had to call a club and ask if the strippers there wore pasties.

Why you’re excited to work with Flea Style: I’ve known Brittany since she was a college intern at D Magazine, and then she ended up working with me at DailyCandy. Her style and energy are inspiring. All those years at DailyCandy gave me an indie, start-up heart, and the kind of content that will grow the Flea Style brand — charming, authentic, smart — is something I do well. I feel like Flea Style is on the precipice of something big, and I can’t wait to see where this team takes things!

Favorite band/s: I’ve seen the Old 97’s perform dozens of times. They’ll never not be my favorite. But the sounds of The Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, and The Lumineers really do a lot for me. Just sticking to Texas, I highly recommend Bob Schneider from Austin. His website says he’s “the best artist you’ve never heard of,” and it’s true.

Favorite food: Right now it’s avocado toast. I learned today that Dallas is getting a toast restaurant. I could not be more pleased to raise a glass to that.

Hobbies: Yoga. Pilates. Pets.

Wake up call: 5 a.m.

Bedtime: 10 p.m. is late. 9 p.m. is more likely.

Coffee or tea: Nespresso with almond milk in the morning. Yogi Bedtime tea at night.

Favorite motto/quote: Be here now.

Something only your bestie knows about you: I’ve eaten an entire yogurt pie in one sitting.