Letter From …

Dear friends,

There are changes afoot! So many changes!

We recently brought on editorial director Allison Hatfield to make our blog great. With all our events, upcoming e-commerce launch and so many more things up our dolman sleeves, we needed to pass the pencil.

At our first meeting, we built our editorial calendars and brainstormed story ideas. “Fridays with Flea Style” was an instant staff hit. So many cool cats visit the office, and we know y’all will love learning more about them. Look for intimate and fun Q&A’s with big thinkers and tastemakers each Friday.

Our site analytics show that y’all love pretty digs (right there with ya), so expect more home tours on the blog, as well as playlists, DIY tutorials and product pages featuring the unique goods of our vendors.

In addition to all that jazz, I’ll write a letter each Sunday exploring anything from trends and travels to random things on my mind (buckle your seat belts). Given tomorrow is the official first day of summer in my book, I thought summertime was a perfect first topic.

Letter From Flea Style

January is when most people give life a reboot, but for me, it’s always been summer. As a kid, I bid adieu to my classmates and looked forward to a fresh tan and camp friends. In my 20s, summer brought life-changing travels (Europe, Russia, Africa), job accolades (interviewing Giorgio Armani in Paris for The Dallas Morning News) and boyfriends (one even became my wonderful husband). At 28, in mid-July, I found out I was pregnant with my first child — talk about a major change!

In September 2009, I officially started Flea Style (formerly The Dallas Flea). Seven years later, this summer marks the biggest growth and change for the company. Next month, we debut our online shop featuring handmade, vintage and one-of-a-kind wares from our vendors and personal flea market jaunts. This is a really big deal to us, as we think our budding online marketplace will lead to bigger e-commerce plans that will further support our longstanding maker community and those beyond Texas.

Next week, we roll out the latest Flea Style platform. I can’t spill the beans now, but this new avenue is another awesome way for Flea Style to connect with the creative community and our fans. We’re positive you’re going to love it as much as we do!

July 15 marks the final day for vendors to apply for our fall shows, and August 1 is our big roster reveal. Mid-August we start brainstorming our November show themes and space-planning the events. And sometime in August, I will squeeze in some rest and relaxation with my husband, kids, extended family and childhood pals seaside in Southern California. Hopefully that trip will let me clear my mind and start my annual reboot. And, of course, work on my tan.

Hope you have some fun summer plans and fresh beginnings this season.


Brittany Cobb (2)