12 Fantastic Father’s Day Gifts

There are all kinds of dads. There are dads who like to dress up and those who like to dress down. There are dads on the move and those who stay home. We sifted through our fabulous Flea Style vendors for a dozen dynamite gifts for every type this Father’s Day.

Mini Fab Clock Flea Style

1 Mini-Fab RPM adaptor clock, $45.

ATX Frontporch Flea Style 2

2 ATX Frontporch reclaimed wood Texas wall art, $60.

Manready Caramels Flea Style 2

3 Manready Mercantile duck fat caramels, $20.

Crate Style Print Flea Style

4 Crate Style beer diagram poster, $25.

Wayne Works Lamp Flea Style

5 Wayne Works table lamp, $145.

Big T Woodworks Beard Comb Flea Style

6 Big T Woodworks beard comb, $35.

Jude Landry Tee Flea Style

7 Jude Landry Texas tee, $20.

Bole and Buck Flea Style

8 Bole & Buck mesquite and maple cutting board, $48-$98.

Daves Feeders Flea Style 2

9 Dave’s Feeders bird feeder, $57.

Odin Bracelets Flea Style

10 Odin Leather Goods braided bracelets, $25 each.

Katherine Zeren Tie Flea Style 2

11 Kathrine Zeren bow tie, $60.

Coombswood Print Flea Style

12 CoombsWood Studio Hemingway print, $15.