10 Reasons to Get Excited for Summit

We’re so jazzed about the Flea Style Summit we can hardly stay in our seats. (But we have to! There’s so much work to be done!) Here are 10 reasons you should be pumped too.

1. As a kid, you made some of your best friends at summer camp. As a grown-up you’ll make even more at Summit Camp!

Mood by Moss Flea Style

2. Mood by Moss aura portrait studio and readings. (Don’t you want to know what your aura looks like and means?)

3. Breakout sessions inside boho tents — with s’mores. (Mmmm … s’mores.)

4. Panelist and stylist Paige Morse (she was a finalist on HGTV’s Fresh Faces of Design) helps you crack the interior design code.

Flea Style Summit BedThread

5. You’ll leave Allie Biddle’s embroidery class with your new favorite thing.

6. Visiting with Taylor Madison feels as good as your favorite vacay.

7. Live music and a happy hour where you can clink glasses and swap stories with our fab panelists.

Fleastyle 20164629

8. Goodie bags filled with artsy surprises.

9. Three words: Flea Style shopping!

10. Three more words: Live. Paint. Wall.

Meet the panelists, see the agenda and get your tickets now — before they’re gone!