DIY: This Handmade Card Is Sew Easy

DIY: This Handmade Card Is Sew Easy

Bedthread’s Allie Biddle is among the inspiring creatives sharing her talents at our summer Summit. To give you a glimpse of what’s in store for attendees, we asked the stitching genius to share an easy project.


“In a world where Snapchats have replaced late-night phone calls to best friends, I long for a time when the analog was favored over the digital,” says Biddle. “I started stitching paper goods because I’ve always saved cards — even ones from my bestie crying about camp in 2003. There’s something really charming about writing actual letters, especially on handmade cards.”

Bedthread DIY Flea Style Materials


  • A piece of card stock or thick paper (4¼ by 11 inches)
  • A scoring board (or a ruler and butter knife)
  • A pencil
  • A piece of thick cardboard
  • A strong embroidery needle
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery floss

Bedthread DIY Flea Style Step 1

1. Score your card stock in half use a ruler and the back of a butter knife to make the fold (or a scoring board, which is what is shown here, if you have one).

Bedthread DIY Flea Style Step 2

2. Once the paper is scored, start the design. Write MISS YOU! (or any other short message) and draw a border with a pencil. Try not to fuss too much with getting the design perfect; your handwriting makes the card even more personal. Also, once you get to stitching, it really comes to life!

Bedthread DIY Flea Style Step 3

3. Place a piece of cardboard under the paper before you begin to poke to holes in the design. That keeps the paper from bending.

Bedthread DIY Flea Style Step 4

4. When deciding where to poke holes, keep in mind that each stitch is a straight line. Curves are really a series of small, straight lines. So if you’re embroidering an “S,” for example, you will need more holes than if you are making an “I” or an “M.” Use the embroidery needle to poke the holes you think you will need.

Bedthread DIY Flea Style Step 5

5. Once you have poked all the holes, it’s time to start stitching! Your thread should be about 2 feet long. Tie a knot in one end; thread the other end through the eye of the needle.

Bedthread DIY Flea Style Step 6

6. I like to tell people to approach stitching on paper like a backstitch on fabric: Come up from the back on A, go back in on B, come back up on C, go back in on B (see the image above). The key to embroidery is to go slow. Going slow helps prevent tangles and fraying, so stitches come out clean.

Bedthread DIY Flea Style Step 7

7. When you finish your first color, tie off the thread on the back with an overhand knot. To start the next color, do the same thing as before: Cut a 2-foot-long piece of embroidery floss, tie a knot on one end, then thread the needle with the other.

Bedthread DIY Flea Style Step 8a

8 .When you are done stitching — yay! You’re almost there! — fold the card in half. Pictured above is the back of my card cover, just for reference. Below is the finished project.

Bedthread DIY Flea Style Step 8b

Now write a sweet note and pop this darlin’ in the mail!

For more from Allie Biddle and Bedthread, go to or attend the Flea Style Summit.

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