Meet Carrie Moss, Aura Photographer

Carrie Moss takes photographs of auras. You sit in her yurt, in front of a black cloth, with your hands placed on sensors the shape and size of hefty hardback books, and with a special biofeedback camera, the AuraCam 6000, she captures a visual representation of your energetic field. After a few moments, she hands you a colorful Polaroid. That’s you — maybe in a haze of green and blue, maybe awash in orange and gold.

What comes next may surprise and delight you.

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“First of all, there are no good and bad colors,” says the Austin-based photographer who started her company, MOODxMOSS, in February. “There are also no black auras.”

Different colors signify our different experiences on the planet, Moss explains. For example, a bright, vibrant and expanded aura shows a sense of openness and well-being. An aura that is muddy or faded in places indicates that a person is under stress and may need more sleep.

“Your aura is a luminous energy field surrounding you, extending in bands outward from your body. It’s literally energy, and it’s always changing. Think of it as your personal electronic signature,” Moss says.

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A photographer for 20 years, Moss first became interested in aura imaging after seeing an aura photo in an Instagram post. Intrigued by the beauty of the image, she began researching the idea. “The thing that really drew me to aura photography is that it is the perfect blending of my photography skills and my spiritual belief system,” Moss says. “One of my favorite things about being a photographer is the rapport I develop with my subject. This type of photography takes that to a whole other level. It is a very personal experience.”

And what might that experience be like for you, once she hands you that Polaroid and tells you what your aura means?

Flea Style Carrie Moss 5Usually people nod and say, “’Oh, my gosh! That is spot on for where I am in my life right now.’ It can be quite affirming.”

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