House Tour: Jenny Grumbles’ Colorful Texas Abode

Jenny Grumbles wears a lot of hats. She’s a wife to husband Loren and a mother to their son, Thompson. She also runs three businesses under the Uptown Country Home umbrella, painting artwork from people to abstracts; making over furniture for clients; and selling vintage home décor and fixed-up finds online, in two Dallas antiques malls and, of course, at Flea Style shows (she’s been in our family since way back when).

She calls her Preston Hollow home creative and laid-back yet organized. “Happy, colorful and girly. I’d like to think that reflects me too,” she says.

Have a look.wink-twig

When you hear the word “home” what do you think of? Right now, home to me means our little family of three. It’s where I work, play, create and love.


Describe your home style in three words: Uptown meets country. (Duh!)

Favorite room in the house? The formal living room and dining area (which is now the formal living room and my office and Thompson’s playroom). When I had to forgo my pink guest room for a boy’s nursery, I moved all the pink to that room. And when I closed my retail storefront and had a baby, I needed a home office and a playroom. The option short of remodeling was to get rid of the dining room table and chairs and turn it into a playroom/office. So now when you enter the house, you see the formal living room and the playroom/office all in one. But that’s how we roll.

Favorite thing in that room? I have two chairs in that room that were my great great grandma’s. My aunt passed them down to me, and I painted and recovered them. (Don’t worry. Grams would have been totally cool with that. I get my redo gene from her and my mom.)




What are some of your favorites from your gallery wall? A custom deer silhouette from Allyson Hall of About Face Studios in a vintage convex glass frame, an antique serenity prayer on felt with glitter in its original frame, an old map of Texas roads my husband gave to me as a joke because I always get lost. Most everything is in a white mat to help tie together all the funky frames.



IMG_1921What’s the most surprising thing we’d find in your home? I’m pretty sure that when people turn the corner and see an entire room done from my husband’s lifelong vintage sports collection, they are surprised. It’s the biggest collection in the house, and it isn’t even all on display for lack of square footage. I’m lucky, though, that I married a guy who appreciates history and likes the thrill of the hunt as much as I do.

What are your other collections? I have a vintage Italian Florentine tray collection in the guest bath — which is now Thompson’s bathroom. So now I have rubber ducks merged with a gorgeous collection of trays. The rule on those is I won’t buy them unless I find them for less than $10. They are worth a lot more than that, but sometimes people just think they are worthless if they are not in perfect condition. I like it when something beautiful got beat up along the way though. It’s like life. And I guess I have a collection of Dash and Albert rugs, since there is one in every single room, including the hallways.



What would we find on your bedside table right now? A picture of Thompson, a picture of Loren, a lamp and a baby monitor. I need the bedroom to be more minimal and fancy hotel-like. Entrepreneurial moms that like to junk, collect, create and decorate have too many things going on in their heads to not have a calm surrounding when they hit the sheets.

If your house caught on fire, what three nonliving items would you rescue first? 1. The portrait of Thompson above our mantel done by portrait artist Desmond Blair. I met him through Summer Colors, an art auction my husband and I created at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. He was born with no hands. 2. A pair of brass, pink and green Salvation Army lamps that are my favorite find ever. 3. The pink Neiman Marcus china set my grandmother purchased when my dad was in college that she handed down to me. She took such good care of it. Each place setting has its original little gray felt liner stamped in gold.


IMG_1862If you were a piece of furniture, what would you be and why? We have a cabinet in the kitchen with layers and layers of colorful chippy paint that holds collections and art supplies. I’d be that. It’s been through a lot, but it’s sturdy and looks sorta cool. And when Thompson wants to to be creative, he points at it and says, “Mommy, paint!”

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Photos by Taylor Goode