One Smart Cookie

We’re so excited to partner with Society Bakery for our Summit. The famed confections shop will provide gorgeous (and delicious!) cookies and mini cupcakes for the event.

The lady behind the bakery is Roshi Muns. She’s been in our shows — and part of the Flea Style family — for years. She’s quite a success story, so we asked her to tell us her business history and give us a little advice to chew on along with our sweet treats.


How/why did Society Bakery get its start? When I was growing up, there was not a Food Network or Cooking Channel or food blogs. My love for baking started regardless of the fact that it was not a part of pop culture. I would read Joy of Cooking for fun as a 7-year-old and watch whatever PBS cooking shows I could. That being said, I would still groan when my mom would take me to cooking supply stores (now I love them).

Society Bakery MinisThat love for all things chef and food stayed with me through adulthood, when I would bake for whatever mood I was in. I was a lot skinnier then and would take my baked goods to work. The seed for a bakery was planted because my co-workers would tell me I should sell my cookies. Only after a series of corporate jobs and one particular heart-to-heart review with my boss did it actually occur to me that I should go for it. My boss asked me what I would like to be doing in five years, and I said, “I would like to be selling cookies.” That answer was a surprise to both of us! Not until that moment did I ever utter that thought. She thankfully and graciously encouraged me and said, “I’ve had your cookies and they are great!”

She bought some of my cookies to take to her family for Christmas. She was my first customer, and that was December of 2003. I am forever grateful to her, the company I worked for and my parents for their support from the beginning.

There was a time where there weren’t many cupcake shops. Now they’re everywhere. How has that been challenging? How has Society stayed on top? For me, it is easy to spot who is doing this for a quick buck and who really loves what they are doing. Unfortunately, it spreads the customer dollar thin, because people always want to try new things. But as long as we focus on what we are doing, the customer will always come back. We hear stories about this daily from customers who tried other places that did not compare.

Birthday Sprinkle Cookie

Many bakers and restaurant owners in general are men. What challenges have you faced as a female baker? I really do not look at things as being a male or a female in the business world, same as I do not pay attention to the color of skin or any other categories. Work is work, and if you are willing to put in the work, then success will follow. Where it has been challenging is balancing being a very present mom and also an owner of a growing business.

What’s been your proudest moment as a baker? Every time we make a customer happy, I am proud.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received? Do what you have to do, and then do what you want to do.

Society Bakery-Vegan Cupcake Image 1

What’s been Society’s strangest cake request? It is always odd to me when people want lemon cake with chocolate icing, but they do, and we do it.

What’s Society’s most popular cupcake flavor? Vanilla salted caramel and also red velvet.

If you were going to send a dozen cupcakes to someone right now, who would that be? Dallas Police Chief David Brown.

What’s new at Society? Starting September 1, you can order a vegan dark chocolate cake with vegan dark chocolate icing in three sizes. Vegan dark chocolate cupcakes will be available at all three of the bakery’s locations every day. They’re so moist and rich, you’ll never miss the eggs and dairy. Additionally, gluten-free brownies are available now at all locations. With a fudge-like consistency, the treats are made with high-quality bittersweet dark chocolate. (Flea Style note: We find ourselves fantasizing about these babies around 3 p.m. every day.)

Find Society Bakery in Dallas at 6025 Royal Ln., Ste. 127; 3610 Greenville Ave.; and 7777 Forest Ln., Ste. A066. Visit the website at