That’s a Wrap!

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Two years ago, I bought a vintage wrap skirt online. I fell in love with its flattering shape and effortless style. It goes with everything: a casual tank top, elegant blouse, bikini poolside, you name it!

I also love the fact that every time I slip into the comfortable wrap, I get stopped on the street. One time a lady even offered to buy it right off of my body! I knew I wanted to re-create a similar style but had always imagined doing so just for me.

Simultaneously, I was collecting textiles during my travels near and far for our eventual e-commerce site. One day, while wearing my beloved skirt, I smeared blue ink all over it. Shoooooot! My favorite skirt! It was the motivation I needed to make my first wrap.

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I looked through my home hall closet’s huge remnant fabric stash (thank you, interior decorating days) for the perfect material. Next to my retired fabrics was a stack of vintage African textiles I had been hoarding for the past several years. I wrapped an indigo mud cloth around my waist, swooned (and squealed!) and realized I had an entire collection of skirts up my sleeve.

I asked Flea Style vendor Becca Knight, a printmaker and seamstress by trade, to visit the office. When she arrived I pulled out my original skirt, piles of fabrics and dozens of vintage beads from my personal collection. Together we played with colors and ideas and created the first six wrap designs.

A week later Becca brought the first completed template to the office with handmade pompoms to adorn the wrap waistband. I was blown away by how posh and professional my little idea and color combinations turned out.

We continued to perfect the design (reinforce old stitching, create various lengths, find softer waistband materials). I gave her some handmade labels I ordered from a local company and more textiles I collected from a recent trek to California, and off she went to sew the remaining two dozen designs for Flea Style’s debut fashion collection.

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The name, “Gypset Wrap,” was a no-brainer. There is no formal definition of “gypset” to my knowledge, but according to Urban Dictionary the word means “fusing the ease and carefree lifestyle of a gypsy with the sophistication of the jet set. The Gypsetters are artists, surfers, designers, and bon vivants who live and work around the globe.”

Our wrap is the best hybrid of gypsy (carefree, bohemian in style) and jet set (the most perfect travel accessory). It’s global, carefree, travels well and chic as hell.

You can wear it at least eight ways. Personally, I’ve worn it as a skirt, dress, tunic, beach cover-up, top (there are several ways to wear it as a top), shoulder wrap, bunched belt and head wrap. I’ve even draped it over a chair and bed as a eye-catching home accessory.

Just like Flea Style’s tagline, every single part of the wrap is handmade, vintage and one of a kind. The textiles, pompoms, tassels and assembly is entirely made by hand. The fabrics and several accent beads are vintage, dating back as far as the ’50s.

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I never set out to create a fashion or home line, but this design is a very natural next step for Flea Style. It embodies everything that we’re about and further supports artisans and small businesses both in the Flea Style family and all over the world.

We hope you enjoy our little labors of love and can’t wait to see y’all sporting them! Ready to shop? Click here!


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