Top 10 Tips from the Flea Style Summit

The first Flea Style Summit was ah-mazing beyond our wildest dreams! From the panelist dinner at Sonny Bryan’s on Friday night to the informative sessions Saturday morning and afternoon to the cool workshops after lunch and shopping galore, every moment was both useful and fun. There was no lack of good advice — and no shortage of cocktails or cupcakes! We’re so grateful for every single person who showed, and we’re confident they ended the day feeling more passion about their passions than ever before. We’ll venture to say a few ideas were hatched on Saturday.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.02.20 AMWe’re also incredibly grateful for our sponsors, including Luck, Sonny Bryan’s, Society Bakery, Utopia Food & Fitness, Tribal Juice, Local Press + Brew and many others. Having you as part of the Flea Style family means so much to us.

In the coming weeks, we’ll recap the inspiring panelist sessions in detail. Until then, we wanted to share a few things we heard again and again from the successful creatives who were generous enough to share their experiences. Some of this, we’ll be writing on our bathroom mirrors. Some of this we might even print on a T-shirt. All of it we will take to heart.

  • Be ready to work really hard for very little money.
  • Start small, but start somewhere.
  • But when it’s time, let yourself grow.
  • Know your strengths. And your weaknesses.
  • When it comes to the latter, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Know your worth.
  • And invest in yourself.
  • Do you. Don’t worry about what anybody else is doing.
  • Be bold. Be courageous. Don’t give in to the fear.
  • Believe that you can!

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