Fridays with Flea Style: Beckley & Co.

If you don’t know them, you might mistake Rebecca Patton, Elizabeth Kerin and Alexandrea Cohen for sisters. Each woman has long, dark hair and a perfect smile. They are familiar and funny in the way that people who have spent a lot of time together — and who really like each other — tend to be. They’re not sisters, though, but rather the team of Dallas-based Beckley & Co.

Rebecca launched her photography and styling shop in 2014. Alex and Elizabeth are photographer and stylist, respectively. Rebecca photographed our Summit panelist dinner party; Elizabeth took the photos the day of our Summit. We wanted you to get to know the whole crew, so we invited them over for a little Q&A action in our office. (Unless otherwise indicated, Rebecca answered our questions.)


Describe one another.

Rebecca > Alex: She is, in many ways, the Virgo to my Aquarius. She gets stuff done really well and with a good attitude.

Alex > Elizabeth: She’s a poet. She’s very quotable. We always have the best time together and can know what the other is thinking with just a look.

Elizabeth > Rebecca: She always brings a spirit of spontaneity, determination and authenticity to every venture, whether in a shoot, a trip or a friendship.

Beckley & Co.

If you weren’t photographers, what would you be doing?

Rebecca: Physical therapist.

Alex: Event planner.

Elizabeth: Creative director at a magazine.

First paid shoot ever? I think it was The Style Barn, Kelly Barnes’ fashion blog.

Favorite shoot ever? We did a family shoot where Alex styled the mom and her boys; Elizabeth helped me with the photos. This mom’s spirit was so engaging, and she loved her sons so much. The shoot was in a park, right after it rained, so there were puddles and mud everywhere. By the end of the shoot, they boys had stripped down and were running though the puddles, and she just let them go for it. It was so much fun!

Beckley & Co.

Dream shoot? A Texas-glam editorial shoot. We’d have a vintage truck, a fancy gown and do it at sunset.

What makes Beckley & Co. stand out? We operate as a team. Beckley is more than one person’s vision. I also like to think that we will do anything without hesitation. We will try anything and work to bring someone else’s creative vision to life.

Describe your photography style in five words. Candid. Authentic. Capturing ephemeral beauty.

Best advice ever received? There might be people out there making more money than you are, but keeping your team strong and truly caring for whom you work with and whom you work for will make you so much happier than a fat paycheck.

Where is Beckley headed? What’s next for the biz? Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for the whole photography experience, from engagement photos to family photos — but not just photos. We want to help people figure out what to wear in order to create the perfect lifestyle images. We want to take a look and elevate it to something really special. Eventually, we’d like to have an online catalog of photos that helps people know exactly what to wear for a shoot.

Beckley & Co.

Favorite places to shop for your digs?

Rebecca: I browse at Pottery Barn and West Elm, but I shop at Ikea and World Market. For a splurge on something timeless, I go to Dot & Bo.

Alex: El Paso Import Company and Target.

Elizabeth: Consignment stores and Ikea.

Favorite places to shop for your closet?

Rebecca: ASOS, Nordstrom, Madewell.

Alex: Topshop with a little bit of Banana Republic; Nordstrom for shoes.

Elizabeth: The sale section of Aritzia.

Favorite restaurants in Dallas?

Rebecca: El Bolero.

Alex: Victor Tango’s.

Elizabeth: Boulevardier.

Most important non-living possession?

Rebecca: A handwritten Bible verse that my mother-in-law framed for my husband and me for our wedding.

Alex: My grandmother’s ring.

Elizabeth: I still sleep with a teddy bear that I’ve had since I was 2.

Beckley & Co.

Name one song your playlist currently.

Rebecca: “Fire,” by Barns Courtney. If you want to feel like “hells yes, Texas,” it is so good.

Alex: “Wow,” by Beck. It’s good vibes.

Elizabeth: “Clearest Blue,” by CHVRCHES. It’s energizing and peppy.

Five-year goal/s (personal or professional)?

Rebecca: I want to grow Beckley into a more substantial version of a combined photography and styling experience — and perhaps have the most Beckley studio ever.

Alex: The reason I started styling in the first place was to help people feel better about themselves, so more giving back in that sense.

Elizabeth: It’s important to me that I am using my talent to make an impact on culture for the better. I’d like to contribute to a publication that’s putting out thought-provoking and engaging material.


Up with the birds or burning the midnight oil?

Rebecca: Both, as long as I can sleep all day. Afternoons are dead to me.

Alex: With what we do, we have to be up early to shoot and be up late to network.

Elizabeth: I like to burn the candle at both ends.

Coffee or tea?

Rebecca: Coffee.

Alex: Tea.

Elizabeth: Coffee.

Dogs or cats? We’re all dog people!


Snapchat or Instagram Stories?

Rebecca: Instagram Stories.

Alex: Instagram Stories.

Elizabeth: Snapchat. Instagram hasn’t offered the puppy-face filter yet.

Cookies or cupcakes? Cookies all the way!

Sunrise or sunset?

Rebecca: Sunrise.

Alex: Sunset.

Elizabeth: Sunset.

Find Beckley & Co. online at and @beckleyco.