The BARbershop and 7 More Reasons for Guys to Love Our Fall Shows

Guys, listen up. Think Flea Style shows are just for the gals? Think again. There’s much more for you to do at our fall events than just hold someone’s purse.

ShaveFace Flea Style

For starters: Kentucky bourbon brand Buffalo Trace and Nashville’s ShaveFace (founders Casey Perkal and James O’Brien pictured above) are bringing their one-of-a-kind barber ’n’ bourbon experience to our shows in Dallas and Houston. It’s old-school barbershop meets modern-day lounge, where guys can get a free shave and take part in bourbon tastings. Nothing to complain about there!

Here’s what else fits the dude bill.

Dallas + Houston Shows


Cool Texas tees from Joey & Jaime, $28.


Kathrine Zeren‘s neckties and bow ties, $58-$88.


Monorail Studio‘s prints, $15-$35.


Ready-to-fill growlers from Haus of Growlers, $17-$22.

Dallas Show Only


Covetable satchels from Odin Leather Goods, $375-$400.


VinylRevamped notebooks made from old records, $10.


Wayne Works‘ badass lights, $145.

There are many more reasons to look forward to our shows in Dallas and Houston, including our brand-new VIP night in Dallas. Tickets are on sale for both shows now. We can’t wait to see you!