Sister Vibes

Sister Vibes

Meet Ashley and Katie Futris. These darling 20-something sister entrepreneurs from Waco, Texas, own and operate Kaktos Rose, a home goods division of SportHooks, a medal display company started by their mom nearly a decade ago.

Kaktos Rose makes the cutest cut-metal signs, mantras, monograms, cake toppers, etc. These ladies will help you celebrate your “I do’s,” show your love for your alma mater, express your gratitude and more with powder-coated steel (that means it’s protected against rust) accessories made right in their hometown.

We’re excited to have them at our Dallas show in just a couple of weeks. It will be the first for these boss babes, who discovered Flea Style through social and connected immediately with our boho vibe. Keep an eye out for Ashley and Katie and their adorable decorative metal art (they may also have a few dream catchers for you).

Until then, get to know them a bit right here.


Names: Ashley Futris and Katie Futuris
Ages: 29 and 26
Current Cities: Waco and Dallas

What’s behind your business name? Kaktos is Greek for cactus (we are Greek), and Rose is Katie’s middle name, which is also our great grandmother’s name. Kaktos Rose symbolizes strong family bonds with a sense of heritage.

Kaktos Rose Flea Style

What sets your product apart? We strive for a quality product that is practical and unique. We want our clients’ personalities and interests to shine, and we are passionate about providing a personal touch, getting design input or getting to know our customers and their stories. These fundamentals make Kaktos Rose not just a product but an experience.

Name five people you’d like to make a Kaktos Rose sign for.
Ashley: Brittany Cobb, Tori Gonzales, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Mila Kunis, Amy Schumer.
Katie: Samantha Ponder, Connie Britton, Kourtney Kardashian, Ruby Rose, Blake Lively.

Kaktos Rose Flea Style

What’s your favorite design in your line and why?
Ashley: I’d have to say “Find Your Tribe Love Them Hard” or “Good Vibes Only.” Your tribe is what backs you and makes you successful; without a supportive, loving “tribe” we wouldn’t be where we are today. “Good Vibes Only,” well, that’s a motto I try to live by; there’s no time for bad vibes.
Katie: “Oh Let’s Be Adventurers Darling,” because life is too short to not continuously travel and try new things!

Five-year goals (personal or professional)?
Ashley: Personally, I’d like to travel a bit more and knock some places off my bucket list. Traveling is when I feel the most inspired and reinvigorated. Professionally, I hope we have our own retail space by then and are in more stores nationwide and widely recognized at least in Texas, if not, nationwide.
Katie: Personally, to own our first house once my fiancé and I get married next May! Professionally, to have a Kaktos Rose storefront in downtown Waco and expand the brand! 

Biggest regret?
Ashley: Not living in California for at least for a year or two after college.
Katie: Never studying abroad.

Best advice ever received?
Ashley: Just because it doesn’t work out does not mean it’s a failure; learn from it and keep creating.
Katie: Don’t take life so seriously!

Kaktos Rose Flea Style

Kaktos Rose Flea Style

Advice you’d like to offer young creative entrepreneurs?
Ashley: It never hurts to ask, and you never know whom you are going to meet that leads you to your next big break!
Katie: Follow your own arrow, and, as Journey would say, “Don’t stop believing.”

Describe your style in five words.
Ashley: Edgy, casual, sporty, surfer chic, tomboy.
Katie: Boho, traditional, simplistic, classic, forward.

Three things you cannot live without?
Ashley: Chocolate chip cookies, live music, travel (unless it’s chips and guac and tacos).
Katie: My phone, Dr Pepper, my tribe.

Favorite places to shop for your home?
Ashley: Kaktos Rose (duh), Gypsy Wagon, Urban Outfitters.
Katie: Gypsy Wagon, the farmers market, Home Depot for all my DIY endeavors and obvi Kaktos Rose.

Kaktos Rose Flea Style

Favorite places to shop for your closet?
Ashley: Urban Outfitters, The Rage, Jac Vanek.
Katie: Milk & Honey, Topshop, Zara.

Dream travel destination and why?
Ashley: Greece. I’d like to visit the village where my great grandmother used to live.
Katie: Same!

On your playlist currently?
Ashley: The Chainsmokers.
Katie: The Chainsmokers, plus Leon Bridges, Ryan Bingham.

Best concert ever (musician/band/year) and why?
Ashley: Super-tough question for me. Foo Fighters, ACL 2015. It was a great concert, but also the weather was perfect, the setting was perfect, and I was with my music-loving best friend.
Katie: Ryan Bingham at Whitewater Amphitheater in New Braunfels, Texas. Being right off the river at night, with all the hanging lights, was the perfect scene to listen to my favorite artist!

Kaktos Rose Flea Style

Do you have any hobbies?
Ashley: Golfing, concerts, cooking, hitting the gym.
Katie: Crafting, patio drinking, and eating queso!

What are some ways you relax?
Ashley: Cooking or working out.
Katie: Sitting on our patio under the hanging lights drinking wine.

Your go-to bar bar order?
Ashley: Seven and seven.
Katie: Cider of any kind!

Kaktos Rose Flea Style


Up with the chickens or burning the midnight oil?
Ashley: Up with the chickens! I’m a grandma.
Katie: Burning the midnight oil for sure.

Dogs or cats?
Ashley: Dogs for sure.
Katie: Dogs 100 percent.

Snapchat or Instagram Stories?
Both: Snapchat.

Sunrise or sunset?
Both: Sunset.

Pom-poms or tassels?
Ashley: Neither.
Katie: Tassels.

Leather or lace?
Ashley: Leather.
Katie: Lace.

Meet Ashley and Katie and show Kaktos Rose at our Dallas show November 11 and 12, and find them on

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