Gee, Your Sign Smells Terrific!

Kristi Moe blends small batches of perfume in her home in Addison, Texas. After kicking around the idea of her own perfume line for years, she launched Zodica Perfumery this spring. The collection of 12 distinct scents based on the zodiac, each carefully constructed to evoke the essence of its astrological sign, makes its Flea Style debut in Houston this weekend!


Moe, a brand strategist/marketing consultant who worked at Dallas brand Poo-Pouri and founded Wisconsin Fashion Week in 2007, says her love for perfume began at age 13, when her family hosted a French foreign exchange student who gave her a bottle of perfume as a thank-you gift. “It’s incredible how today a waft of lavender can take me back to that eighth grade summer. There’s nothing else like your sense of smell to conjure up memories.”

But Moe says finding memorable perfumes has always been a frustrating experience involving “going from perfume counter to perfume counter, not knowing what any perfume is meant to smell like, so spraying every single one, and in turn giving myself a fragrance-cloud induced headache and walking away defeated.” With Zodica we can sincerely say that she has solved that problem.


The perfumes can be worn as an extension of your personality, to live in the moment of the current season’s energy or to attract a sign’s energy, Moe says. Or you can just wear something you think smells delicious!

About 80 to 90 percent of the time, when people smell the perfumes, they like their signs the best. They also say that they feel like the scents for their mother/daughter/BFF are a perfect match. “There’s seriously no magic used,” says Moe, “but it’s definitely a magical experience.”

Be sure to find Moe at the Houston show and smell for yourself. Until then, read through the sign-and-scent pairings below to get a whiff of what’s in store!


Aries – The most powerful sign of the zodiac and the most powerful perfume of the whole collection. After everything has died in winter, Aries brings spring and symbolizes new life. It has a strong life force energy, which is why the perfume is very spicy and fiery. Puts a little extra pep into your step!

Taurus – It’s a stunningly beautiful perfume meant to capture the beauty of a spring garden in full bloom. Taurus is an earth sign, which is reflected in this perfume’s floral and woody notes, making it feel grounded. Though some say Taurus can be materialistic, Zodica prefers a positive take on that: They are great appreciators of beauty and can inspire others to invite beauty into their day.

Gemini – Bright and cheerful, this perfume has the most amount of citrus notes in the collection. Gemini is an air sign and all about communication. Though some say they can be bipolar, the twins symbolize friendship. Gemini’s two sides mean those with this sign relate to more people, see different perspectives and can therefore be more diplomatic. It’s meant to be a bubbly, fun perfume — perfect for your squad.


Cancer – All about the feels! This soft and romantic perfume is meant to symbolize the loving nature of Cancerians, the mother sign of the zodiac. This modern interpretation of a rose perfume has powder and sweet notes to keep the rose balanced, so it doesn’t smell like your grandmother’s rose perfume. Though some may say Cancer is moody, Zodica stresses how sensitivity makes this sign super intuitive, empathetic and kind to the friends and family she takes care of unconditionally.

Leo – Fun in the sun Leo is all about happiness that summer brings. As a fire sign, it’s meant to be bold. The beautiful summer white florals of gardenia and jasmine are balanced with sweet honeysuckle, caramel and mandarin to keep it bright and happy without being too heavy.

Virgo – This is one of Zodica’s best-sellers and the perfume that took the longest to formulate, which is fitting since Virgos are know to be perfectionists! It’s a sweet, floral perfume that is very feminine in a modest, unassuming, gracious way. It reflects the harvest season with notes of apple and pomegranate.


Libra – Everyone loves a Libra! These people are known to be the life of the party. They are very charming minxes. They are always on the go and certainly not homebodies. The perfume is like a fruity cocktail of Georgia peach and mango — perfect to wear for a night out on the town when you want a little extra glam!

Scorpio – The most mysterious personality of the zodiac, Zodica’s Scorpio perfume includes 100 ingredients, making it as complex as Scorpians are as people. Scorpians like their secrets and dark corners. They have a lot of emotion brewing under the surface, and they can surprise you with a burst of passion or a strike from their stinger. The spicy note that jumps out when you smell the perfume is meant to symbolize that aspect.

Sagittarius – This is the free-spirit, bohemian adventurer of the zodiac. These people have a lot of energy and love to express that energy through traveling, exploring new places to eat/shop, and being open to new ideas and people. It’s the strongest sweet perfume of the collection. The juxtaposition of fruity berries against a spicy base reflects the diversity Sagittarius experiences in her world travels.


Capricorn – The father sign of the zodiac, this perfume is meant to feel strong and steady. It has a more masculine cologne aspect, tying into the trend of women wearing men’s colognes. The yuzu reflects the coolness of the season, while the green notes serve as a solid foundation. Capricorns are known for their discipline and eye on the prize. They set a path and are determined to follow it until they reach their goals. As a heavier perfume, it’s great to wear in winter, particularly at the start of the year to be inspired for success and following through on those New Year’s resolutions!

Aquarius – These are the mavericks. They like to do things their own way and a bit differently than everyone else. They set their own course. Some may call them eccentric or cutting edge. They are very individualistic but also team players who can be dedicated to a cause or mission. The perfume is a floral citrus that mirrors the iciness of winter and the water element of the water bearer.

Pisces – The old-soul Pisces is quite the dreamer. As a water sign, it has a lot of emotion and sensitivity that often is channeled into creativity. This is Zodica’s lightest perfume. It’s very fresh, fluid and aquatic, since Pisces rules the ocean, and it’s more of a gender-neutral scent, with guys buying it for themselves.

We smelled them all and couldn’t decide if we like our own the best — it may have been Leo that captured our imagination the most. We definitely thought Scorpio was spot on for one of our friends who is the complicated creature you expect of that sign. You’ll need to let your nose be your guide!

Find Zodica Perfumery online at and at the show! Get your ticket online now or at the door.