Color Us Impressed

Did you see the gorg Flea Style backdrop and marquis wall at our fall shows? Of course you did — those beauties welcomed you the moment you walked in, calling for you to snap a few pics for Insta and Facebook. We labored for days over those photo ops, which were rich in texture and color and handmade goodness. We created them just for you, in partnership with Devine Color, a boutique brand of premium paint and removable wallpaper that we’re in love with.

A glimpse at some vendor flags in Dallas painted in Devine Color hues during our vendor setup pre-show.
Flea Style Flags Houston
We took the flags to Houston, too!

We first got to know Devine Color — and they us — through the gals at Ascot + Hart, who are also the geniuses behind Target Does It Again (Devine Color, which is a division of Valspar, is sold only at Target and online). We pretty much hit things off right away, with both of us seeing how introducing them to our vendors and to you was going to be a neat thing to do.

“Flea Style and Devine Color are aligned because we are both relatively new/young brands that focus on young women/moms, crafters, and DIYers as their target market. We both aim to make self-expression more attainable,” says Devine Color’s Eva-Grace Van Someren, who found us on Insta even before introductions were made. What’s more, she says, “We wanted to work with Flea Style because the Flea Style team is so fun, creative and easy to work with! We knew they were a crafty bunch that could do great things with our product.”





But this cool collaboration was about more than making things pretty for the shows. It also gave the Devine Color team a chance to learn more about their target market. “We know that the majority of shoppers at Flea Style (women aging 20-35ish) are who we believe is our target market, so we wanted to see how our coupons would perform within that market. We also realized that many of the vendors could be our target market as well (furniture rehabbers, craft makers), so we were excited to get our products in front of them.”

For any partnership to be successful, however, it’s got to be a win-win. And we really felt like we were winning from the moment we first got a glimpse of the product, which had a palette that not only inspired us but also inspired our vendors: We picked our faves from the current Devine Color offerings to interpret for our fall shows and sent each small biz a color way and asked them to create a flag to fly above the aisles at the shows, lending a wonderful, colorful creative pop and that DIY atmosphere that makes a Flea Style show special.






Then we got busy ourselves, connecting, designing and then crafting with the paint and paper. We asked vendors to create banners and flags with a handful of our favorite fall paint colors to hang from the rafters of our buildings. It was so fun watching the designs come in to the office and then bring our concrete and metal buildings to life!

For the Flea Style marquis, we placed flowers in Devine Color paint cans, dipped lots and lots of brushes in paint and let them dry, and arranged it all on a painted backdrop before hanging our letters. The Flea Style photo op backdrop was saturated in color front and back (a color grid made the back side nearly as photogenic as the front!) and strung with handmade bits and baubles, including streamers, tassels, jewels and paintbrushes dipped in — what else? — Devine Color.

To find out more about Devine Color paints and wallpapers, go to Download a coupon to use at Target or use code DEVINE for 20 percent off your online order through December 31, 2016. Hurry, y’all! This stuff is great!