7 Questions With 3 Winter Summit Panelists

7 Questions With 3 Winter Summit Panelists

We’re gearing up for our winter Summit — chatting with panelists about what they’ll be presenting, nailing down the menu (so many yummy eats and drinks, ya’ll), gathering goodies for goodie bags, and planning all kinds of neat surprises. We’re so excited for you to meet everyone that we wanted to give you a first glimpse into the wit and wisdom of a few of our panelists: Lauren Williams, the to-dye-for genius behind the coveted Boho by Lauren textile brand; The Gypsy Wagon proprietor extraordinaire Carely Seale; and Allyson Fulcher, whip-smart managing editor at The Everygirl.

There will be tons more in the weeks to come, of course, but this fast and fun Q&A ought to whet your appetite for the good times on the horizon. If you don’t have your ticket, what are you waiting for?


Flea Style: Tell us your hometown.

Lauren: Dallas, Texas
Carley: Tyler, Texas
Allyson: Whitehouse, Texas

Coffee and a Laptop - Flea StyleFS: Coffee or tea?

L: Both (coffee in the morning and chamomile tea at night)
C: Coffee (400 percent)
A: Coffee

FS: First job?

L: I worked at Paradise Tan for a year in high school. It was basically the hangout for my friends, and when I answered the phone I had to say, “For a tan that’s nice, tan in Paradise. This is Lauren. How can I help you?”
C: My first job was wrapping gifts at a fine jewelry store. I was 15. The owner taught me that just because I was not good at wrapping gifts, I had no excuse to let poorly wrapped gifts leave the store. I had to do it right, or I needed to find a different job. I went home and practiced creasing paper and making bows with my mom.
A: The McDonald’s drive-thru. As soon as I turned 16, my mom told me I had a week to find a job. I had high aspirations of getting a “cool” job, like working at the mall at Wet Seal (LOL!) but soon found out I was not a desirable candidate. I learned so much about customer service, working with people and having patience for others, that I think everyone should have to spend a season of their lives in the service industry.

Lauren Williams - Boho by LaurenFS: Best advice you were ever given?

L: I once read, “If you wait for evidence, you’ll be a follower, not a leader.” I love that because it justifies my passion to try new ideas and just see what happens. I think that’s how art is born.
C: Go big, but don’t borrow money to do it!
A: No one is going to advocate for you like you will. If you want something, go after it. You can’t wait for someone to give it to you.

FS: Biggest career accomplishment so far?

L: I am not sure if this is the biggest, but it’s one of my most favorite accomplishments: I was the featured artists on the front page of the Arts & Life section of The Dallas Morning News. It was such a surprise to be acknowledged as an artist in a big publication that I grew up watching my parents read every Sunday morning.
C: My biggest accomplishment was giving up a successful medical sales career in order to follow my dream. My family thought I was nuts, but I figured if I could be successful at a job I did not remotely enjoy, chances were good I could make my start-up business work. I am always calculating the worst-case scenario and asking myself if I can handle it. If the answer is “yes,” then I dive right in.
A: When I lived in Los Angeles, I was fortunate to work with a lot of influencers and companies I admired, like Lauren Conrad and her team, Shay Mitchell, Revolve, Whitney Port and Emily Schuman. I even had a vision board of names of people whom I wanted to collaborate with, and I would tick them off as time went on.

The Gypsy Wagon - Flea StyleFS: Why did you decide to be a Flea Style Summit panelist?

L: I thrive in an environment of other creatives and entrepreneurs, and I enjoy chatting about ways to grow and succeed.
C: It is an honor to be a Flea Style panelist! I have some tricks to share for anyone wanting to start a business that really work and will show you, if you have what it takes.
A: I love how Flea Style promotes women and their small businesses. Without reading other women’s stories online and seeing the support and encouragement that Flea Style gives, I might never have had the courage to forge my own career path.

FS: Don’t spill all the beans, but what are you excited to share with attendees?

L: I am excited to chat about branding your product and yourself!
C: My person motto is this: Be bold, steadfast, and unafraid. Those three attributes cover everything an entrepreneur needs to be. That motto has helped me navigate through lots of mistakes, build the right team and identify the best opportunities for growth. I am exited to talk about the new steps for The Gypsy Wagon, which I hope will inspire others to follow their dreams!
A: You don’t have to live in a major city to have a successful career or grow your business!

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