Fridays with Flea Style: Catherine Lowe

Catherine Lowe and Brittany Cobb Flea Style

We’ve been sitting on this big news all week — but now it’s time to let you in on it! Catherine Lowe, the groovy gal who won Sean Lowe’s heart on season 17 of The Bachelor, is a panelist at our Summit next month!

After moving to Dallas and marrying Sean, Catherine launched LoweCo., a luxury paper goods brand inspired by the courtship between Sean and herself (she slipped him little notes, with the hopes that it would capture his imagination — and it worked!). “LoweCo. was born to satisfy my passion for design and my love of fun captions, and to bring smiles and giggles to consumers for all different occasions,” she says.

When we met Catherine for a chat to discuss her upcoming Flea Style debut, it was her cute personality and humor that brought the smiles and giggles. Read on for our interview, and check out the goods on LoweCo.


What’s your relationship with Flea Style? Do you know Brittany from a past life?
Flea Style is very new to me, but I feel like it’s the perfect opportunity to network with other business ladies in the area. Brittany and I just met, but I know it’ll be a long-lasting and fun adventure together!

What’s behind the company name?
Honestly, I lucked out with such a versatile and pun-worthy last name when I married Sean. My maiden name, Giudici, is a little harder to play with. I keep a list of fun ideas in my phone and a lot of them are puns with Lowe in the title. Let’s just say I could go into many industries with the name ideas I have. LoweCo. is a mix of crazy and chic; it’s unassuming, and that’s what our products are. Understated with a hint of wit. My absolute fave.

Catherine Lowe Flea Style

You’re very clever. Where does your wit come from?
Awww! That’s sweet to hear! I’d like to think my vast vocabulary (I’m obsessed with crosswords, was in spelling bees, and my mom is a teacher who regularly quizzed me on things) helps with my wit, because there has to be some level of intelligence and social consciousness to come up with puns and jokes. Wow, that sounded arrogant. It could also be because I had to develop a personality when I was young because I was the ugly duckling of my family. Seriously, my sisters were and still are fire. I hope people see that all I want is to make people giggle, because I loooove to giggle.

What sets your product apart from similar?
LoweCo.’s pieces are special. They are wedding-quality products for everyday occasions that may seem overlooked by other card companies. They are blind-embossed and extremely clean, which is not typical against the trendy Etsy hand-drawn ones that are huge nowadays. Something that will really set us apart this spring are our Cards That Grow, plantable cards with the same quality as our current collection.

What’s a typical workday look like for you?
Typical? What’s that word? I have a 6-month-old baby and a year-old business baby. The only thing that’s consistent is that every day ends with ‘day.’

Name five people you’d like to make cards for.
Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell; Chrissy Teigen and John Legend; Amy Poehler and Tina Fey; Mira Duma; and Donald Trump (because, hello, his tweets?! Ridiculous!).

Catherine Lowe

LoweCo Card

LoweCo Card

What’s your favorite design in your line and why?
I always say “YOUR TUSH IS THE ONLY ONE I WANNA SQUISH,” but I truly think it’s “LET’S DO THIS AGAIN NEXT YEAR / HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.” I appreciate a good, quiet underdog.

Five-year goal/s (personal or professional)?
I’d like to figure out how to balance family life and my business. It’s such a seesaw of responsibilities, and I’m sure most working moms have the same challenges. I would also love to see LoweCo. in Neiman Marcus and successfully expand into a lifestyle brand, particularly in the home sector. (For some reason I keep telling myself my homemade croutons will have to find a place on our online retail and home makes the most sense. My croutons are the bomb.)

Best advice ever received about launching a small biz?
Have passion. Sometimes hearing the negative makes you want to quit, but if you love what you do, you’ll find a way. My husband says I’m innately passionate (what he really means is overly emotional).

Why did you say yes to being a panelist at the Flea Style Summit?
I’m a sharer. I love to talk about my journeys with other women. From a very young age, I knew I’d want to encourage other females to be empowered. I’d also like to have access to the other panelists, because I could learn a thing or 10!

Describe your personal style in five words.
Adaptive, appropriate, fun, evolving, resourceful.

Three things you cannot live without?
Fiji water, Blistex Herbal Answer Chapstick, my family.

Favorite places to shop for your home?
Talulah & Hess,, Z Gallerie, Pottery Barn.

Catherine Lowe Flea Style

Favorite places to shop for your closet?
Buffalo Exchange, Lion & Witch, Nordstrom,

Dream travel destination and why?
Greece, because of its beauty, history and essence.

On your playlist currently?
Gold by Kiiara, You Know You Like It by DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge, Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande, Controlla by Drake.

Best concert ever (musician/band/year) and why?
I love jazz, and I’ve had the luxury of seeing Herbie Hancock play live in Seattle twice. ZooTunes in Seattle is so legit and accessible with the most amazing artists. It must have been between the years 2009 and 2012 that I was lucky enough to attend dozens of epic live music concerts in Seattle. I dated guys in the music scene and was introduced to funk, rap, jazz and international music on a monthly basis. Oh and Jay-Z live in 2009 was pretty unforgettable too. Shoot, I also got to be in Sia’s presence in 2010. She’s been my favorite artist since she was in Zero7.

DVRing (and then marathoning) Snapped, adding to my already 19,723 photos on my iPhone, making food for my family and then not cleaning up after myself, trying on five different outfits for an event but wearing the same clothes I slept in for pretty much everything else. In the words of Steve Carell’s 40-year-old virgin Andy: “I live a very fulfilling life.”

You can meet Catherine and many other cool creatives at our Summit. Tickets are on sale now. Get yours!