We’re Batty for Bolos

Agate Bolo Tie Flea Style

We’re sure it comes as no surprise that we at Flea Style are obsessed with bolo ties. They were popular with men in the 1950s, but we see them as what happens when the Wild West meets the statement necklace. And since we’re always looking to combine our deep love of Texas with our even deeper love of vintage — what could be more perfect?!

The bolo tie was made the official neckwear (yes, apparently that’s a thing) of Arizona in 1971, and — in a neat coincidence! — we collected all of our bolo ties on a recent trip to The Grand Canyon State.

Have a look at a few pieces from our latest collection.

Orange Agate Bolo Tie Flea Style

Brown leather and orange geode bolo tie 

Silver Arrowhead Bolo Tie Flea Style

Silver arrowhead bolo tie

Red Agate Bolo Tie Flea Style

Red leather and red geode bolo tie

Turquoise and Silver Bolo Tie Flea Style

Turquoise bolo tie

Greek Key Bolo Tie

Greek key bolo tie

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