And Our First Flea Style Mentorship Recipient Is…

Lindsey Overton Krisen Home Flea Style Mentorship Recipient

When we decided to launch the Flea Style Mentorship Program, we didn’t know who would apply. We knew only that after seven wild and wonderful years, it was time for us to help someone else grow their small business with an immersive experience designed to give a budding creative entrepreneur the kind of information its taken us years to glean. And we are so very excited to introduce you to the smart, funny lady who is our first Flea Style mentee. Get to know her now!


For Lindsey Overton of Krisen Home, it all started with a peacock chair. For years, the 32-year-old from Dallas imagined owning a business, ideally something that would allow for creative expression.

Krisen Home Chair - Flea Style

At the University of North Texas, she studied interior design. In the time since, she has worked as an assistant to a residential interior designer and become a licensed real estate agent. Her main source of income, however, has been bartending.

Two years ago, Lindsey become a mother. She began working less to stay at home with her daughter, Olivia, and though she calls motherhood “the best thing I’ve been given in life,” she found herself feeling like she wasn’t contributing enough.

Kate Levering said something at the Flea Style Summit that really put into words how I felt as a new mom,” Lindsey recalls. “She was describing her experience with time off after babies and said, ‘I didn’t know where I had value if I wasn’t achieving.’ This statement really resonated with me.”

Lindsey says she remembers looking at her darling 6-month-old, who had become the center of her world, and asking herself, In the future, how can I tell her to pursue her dreams if I’m not pursuing mine?

Lindsey Overton Krisen Home Flea Style Mentorship Recipient

Krisen Home Chair - Flea Style

Krisen Home Table - Flea Style

At the same time, Lindsey had begun perusing estate sales to pass the time with Olivia — and to find a peacock chair like one that her grandparents had in the ’80s.

What she found, however, was a new passion.

All that time at estate sales eventually manifested itself as a living room overflowing with vintage finds. Overwhelmed by the furniture and curiosities literally stacked everywhere, Lindsey’s husband, Colin, suggested she either stop bringing things home or get a storage unit.

But she had another idea.

And that’s how Krisen Home was born. The name, says Lindsey, is the phonetic spelling of the word “christen,” which she registered years ago when she first began entertaining the idea of a home goods store.

After launching a website and social channels last summer, Lindsey made her Flea Style debut at our November show. She’ll spend the next six months under our wing — and the tutelage of our mentors — learning key business skills that will drive Krisen Home into the future. She will also attend next month’s Summit as our guest and receive $250 to spend at Office Depot, as well as various branding opportunities, such as a video, and more.

Krisen Home Chair - Flea Style

Krisen Home Cactus - Flea Style

Kristen Home Sofa Flea Style

“I am a long-time Flea Style fan and honored that Krisen Home was selected to participate in the mentorship program,” Lindsey says. “Attending a Flea Style show (then the Dallas Flea) set the wheels in motion for working toward a booth in future shows. What Brittany and the Flea Style team have built — from curated markets, a community for creatives, a cool conference, workshops, and an online store — is incredible. I cannot wait to receive what is sure to be sound advice for our business!”

Lindsey Overton Krisen Home Flea Style Mentorship Recipient

5 Q’s with Lindsey Overton

Q: What’s been your biggest business challenge so far?
A: The biggest challenge is continuing to improve and progress while staying true to Krisen Home. It is important to me to constantly rely on intuition when I want to second-guess a purchase or styling decision. There are times when I think something can be improved upon and hesitate to put it out there. I’ve found that putting it out there imperfectly is so much more rewarding than sitting with it.

Q: The best business advice you’ve been given?
A: More than advice, I have been given so much support! My husband had reservations when I began hoarding furniture, and now says he will miss certain pieces as they sell. He does much of the heavy lifting and gladly participates in shows. Thankfully, my talented father-in-law was able to help execute my ideas for our logo. He also helped customize our website, as coding is a skill I have yet to master. Family and friends’ kind words of encouragement are priceless. I’ve met talented fellow small business owners throughout the year; their commitment also continues to inspire me.

Q: What are your style preferences?
A: Hollywood/Palm Beach Regency and midcentury modern.

Q: Favorite piece bought and sold?
A: A vintage table designed by Edward Wormley for Drexel’s Precedent line. It definitely needed refinishing, and I painted it black. I ended up selling it to a customer who would later purchase a couple of my favorite chairs. I love seeing people come back for pieces to complete their spaces.

Q: Five-year goal?
A: An independent studio, complete with exclusive Krisen Home designs.

For more from Lindsey, watch the video below.