Workshop Photo Essay: Macrame with Arrowwood Designs

Flea Style Macrame Workshop_0013

If you missed our macrame workshop with Arrowwood Designs’ Courtney Anderson, you really missed out! We had a full Flea Style house in late January for a few hours of knotty fun. From the wine and cheese until it was time to wind it down, guests had a great time visiting with friends and learning something new. We also learned that macrame is not for the weak (it takes some major mind and arm strength)!

Flea Style Macrame Workshop_0035

Brittany holds the setup so Courtney can demonstrate as the class commenced.

Flea Style Macrame Workshop_0019

Flea Style Macrame Workshop_0028

Flea Style Macrame Workshop_0031

Flea Style Macrame Workshop_0026

Getting started is the hard part!

Flea Style Macrame Workshop_0034

But once you’re on a roll …

Flea Style Macrame Workshop_0045

Flea Style Macrame Workshop_0056

Now they’re getting somewhere!

Flea Style Macrame Workshop_0053

Flea Style Macrame Workshop_0062

They’ve really got it now!

Flea Style Macrame Workshop_0051

Flea Style Macrame Workshop_0049

After three hours, some students completed their gorgeous design. Other guests went home with the skills and tools they needed to complete their work of art. We’re sure some have found their way to a home or office wall by now.

The next Flea Style workshop is March 2. We’re planning a fun night of denim redesign and cocktails. Come make some jazzy jeans!