Get Ready for Flea Style Dallas Spring 2017

Think you know a Flea Style show? Think again, friends! We’re turning things way up this spring in Dallas. Trust us: You’ve not experienced a Flea Style show like this before. Here’s a peek at what’s in store April 7 and 8 at Fair Park. (Get your tickets now.)

Flea Style Spring Show Display

Antiques and Vintage Flea Style Spring Show

We’re Blowing Out the Decor

The awesome folks who own and operate Forney, Texas-based Antiques & Vintage (new to our show) is headed to Flea Style straight from Round Top with vintage vehicles that we’ll fill with fresh flowers, loads of shabby-chic goodness and a stunning photo op install that we can’t wait to see you in front of (#fleastyle #awesome).

We’re Rearranging the Layout

To further shake things up, we’re creating communities around themes like home and kids. Forget the rows and rows of super long aisles of past shows. We think the new setup with be good for shoppers and vendors alike, helping people connect over the things they love most and more easily discover can’t-leave-without-this treasures.

Our Green Nest Flea Style Spring ShowTeepee Flea Style Spring ShowWe’re Catering to Kids and Gents

Flea Style has always been kid friendly, but this spring we’re putting together a special area just for littles. Have you ever seen a teepee maze? Well, get ready for that silly fun! We’ll also have coloring crafts, a bean bag toss, and a cool live chalkboard wall. For the grown-up kids/guys who come to the show, we’re creating a lounge where dudes can kick back while gals continue to shop. Helping take care of the men, BARbershop is back with free shaves and bourbon shots. Yes, free Buffalo Trace in the house!

We’re Amping Up Our Preview Night

Last fall we launched First Dibs, which allows shoppers a few hours to scope out the goodness the night before our big Saturday show opens to the public. As if smaller crowds and first pick of every little thing weren’t reason enough to attend (plus a free drink!), we’ve got major giveaways this time, including a two-night stay in the coolest new Airbnb you ever did see (seriously, this place is so perfect). We’re also looking forward to seeing cutie crooner John Costello — we’ve fallen in love with his surfer-meets-folksy tunes.

Lullie and Me Flea Style Spring Show 2

We’re Hosting a Slew of New Talent

More than half of the vendors at the show are new to Flea Style. Yes, you read that right: MORE THAN HALF of the vendors at the show are new to Flea Style! A few that we’re super jazzed for:

Lullie & Me: For the fashion lover turned mom, Dallas gal Laura Price designs modern necklaces that double as teething rings. We’re obsessed!

Make It Good and Nell & Mary: Portland, Oregon’s Nell & Mary has patterned tea towels that we cannot get over. The company does all kinds of stuff — kids’ clothes, bags, pillows — but it’s the towels, y’all, that we can’t stop thinking about. Sister fashion line Make It Good has a similar aesthetic, but it’s all about dressing us gals.

Velvet Turban Flea Style Spring Show

Velvet Turban: Natalie Garza is an Austinite who hawks “free-spirited finds.” That means she’s bringing boho jewelry, vintage clothes and unique home finds galore!

Penny Luck: Out of Hutto, Texas, comes a shoe company crafting the most beautiful men’s shoes and belts you can imagine that gives a portion of profits to military vets (ex-military heros also hawk the items from a vintage K-5 army green truck). Get ready to drop some dough for your favorite dude at this booth.

Riad Tile: The Dallas company sells eye-popping handmade concrete tile in bold colors and patterns. It’s guaranteed to liven things up at home!

Back Alley Flea Style Spring Show 2

We’re Bringing Back Some Faves

Of course, many veteran Flea Style vendors will return with their latest creations. Be on the lookout for (to name just a few):

Cahoots Flea Style Spring Show

Nerd and Brawler Flea Style Spring Show

Uptown Country Flea Style Spring Show

This show will be truly special. We promise you don’t want to miss it!

Check out the full vendor list and get your tickets now. For a look back at the most recent show, watch the video below.