We’ve Stocked the Shop!

Flea Style Photo Shoot

Every day is different in the Flea Style office. One day we’re being crafty and making props for an event; the next day we’re having necessary-but-boring meetings with helpful people like attorneys and accountants. Some days we host some of our favorite people for Fridays with Flea Style fodder; others we’re pricing and measuring merch for our shop and having a photo shoot.

Flea Style Behind the Scenes 2

As you’ve probably noticed, Flea Style staffers are the real-life models for our shoots — we’re multitalented over here (ok, we don’t have a model budget yet)! And when she’s not the model, Alyssa is our photog (she also makes all our videos and really good coffee). She’s got mean skillz behind the lens, and now she’s got a real-deal lens to work with! We’re all very excited about our new camera, a Canon Rebel T6. Previously, we shot everything on our iPhones, so this jazzy DLSR makes us feel legit! That gorg camera strap you see in the photo above is from Beads, Bags & Baubles. We bought it at the recent Dallas show and it takes our whole point-and-shoot act up a notch.

Flea Style also had a big booth at the show, and we’ll have one in Houston this coming weekend. To prep for those events and e-comm, we really stocked up, scouring flea markets and vintage stores all over the country for weeks and months. Some of our stash — 50 pieces! — went up in our online shop last week. Here’s a peek. (See all the goodies at shopfleastyle.com.)




To start: a slew of new Flea Style tassel earrings. Olive green and blush have been the most popular colors with our fans. There are also white and off-white and a bright mustard color for gals who like sizzle. We work with former Flea Style vendor Lauren Huddleston to design these stunners. She makes each with vintage beads we’ve scooped up during our travels. The pair we’re calling Harlow teams a cream-colored tassel with wooden beads from a 1960s beaded curtain Brittany found on a trip to Canton with the editors of D Home magazine. How fun is that!?



The new purses are from that same super productive trip. As are the black and pink cowboy boots, the abstract vase and a one-of-a-kind handpainted cow skull that could be gone before you read this! (If it is, go for the cactus glasses and plan to drown your sorrows with a tasty margarita or three.)



And finally, because there ain’t no party like a Flea Style arm party: loads and loads of bracelets. We’ve got wood bangles and brass bangles and bangles that combine the two. There are hammered metal cuffs, a turquoise enameled bangle and a distressed horn bangle with the loveliest filigree brass inlay. Each one handpicked from the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena.

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