Meet DeAnna Acklin, Our New E-Comm Visual Merchandiser

Maybe you met our newest team member, e-comm visual merchandiser DeAnna Acklin, at the Dallas show, where she graciously worked the Flea Style booth — on her birthday, no less! If so, you already know that she is a sweet sensation (with hair to die for) and that we’re lucky to have her. If you didn’t, allow us introduce her right here!

DeAnna joined the Flea Style family about a month ago, after we went searching for the perfect blend of retail experience, marketing experience and online savvy. Brittany found DeAnna while poking around on LinkedIn for someone who could be an ideal fit. She found DeAnna and knew immediately that she had the right skill set — the icing on the cake was a corporate connection that the two have in common and whom Brittany really respects. What we didn’t realize was that DeAnna was already scoping us out too!

Brittany spent an hour on the phone trying to scare DeAnna away before meeting in person — things can get really crazy around here, and it takes a hard-working go-with-the-flow personality to be OK with that — but she would not be deterred. And when Brittany found out DeAnna’s birthday was April 8, it was a done deal: “I have a funny thing about hiring people for Flea Style with birthdays that have fours or eights — and DeAnna has both! It’s been a really good sign so far, as all of us in the office have a birthday on the 4th or 8th. Except Allison, but she’s our office unicorn.”

DeAnna has fit right in since day one. As we grow our online shop this summer, we cannot wait to see her magic come to life!

Full name: DeAnna Katherine Acklin

Age: 28

Hometown: Amarillo, Texas

Past work experience: Visual styling trainer at Nordstrom, e-commerce manager at Darkroom Software

DeAnna Acklin Flea Style

Three things everyone should know about you:

1. I have an adorable 3-year-old little girl, Mylah.

2.  I am obsessed with buying party décor, so that I can always be ready to throw a party at the drop of a hat.

3. I love being spontaneous. It keeps life exciting.

Three people who inspire you:
My daughter, my mom and all the people behind the creative Instagram feeds I follow.

Three words that describe your personal style:
Cool, easy and comfortable.

Current obsessions:
Pillows, plants and planters.

Favorite foods:
Pizza and tacos all day.

All-time favorite band:
My music changes with my mood. I have recently really been into the Flume radio station on Spotify.

Best book ever read:
If You Have To Cry, Go Outside, by Kelly Cutrone

Words to live by:
“If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.” — Bill Gates

Something you’re looking forward to:
Seeing what this year has in store for me. My mom always told me 28 was her favorite year — so fingers crossed.

Flea Style DeAnna Acklin

Flea Style Speed Round

Sunrise or sunset?

Coffee or tea?

Netflix or Amazon Prime?
Amazon Prime

Snapchat or Instagram Stories?

Dogs or cats?

Cupcakes or cookies?

Pompoms or tassels?