Lunch with Flea Style Giveaway!

We’re constantly swooning over your Flea Style stories. We love it when we hear how our show gave a budding biz a break or access to a big retail buyer. Or how our summit sparked an idea or how our mission made somebody fall in love with shopping small.

One of our favorites is from photographer Kelly Christine Sutton. She tells the tale of working for a former employer in the food business that had a booth at our show many moons ago. We placed their booth next to Little Bean, formerly owned by shutterbug Steven Visneau and his wife Christine. Kelly mustered up the courage to talk to them and her love for photography.

Today Kelly is a very successful photographer (we use her often!) and dear friends with the Visneaus. That meeting at our little flea market sparked some serious creative juices, inspiration, mentorship and so much more magic.  The group is so close today that Steve and Christine went to Kelly’s wedding and she babysat their young children for years.

We want to hear your stories and celebrate them! We have reserved twelve seats for lunch on us Friday May 12th in Dallas from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. (the location is top secret) to toast these stories and our beloved Flea Style friends, fans and family over delicious food and wine.


Here’s how to snag a seat: Send us your favorite Flea Style story by this Sunday at midnight. Please keep your recap 200 words or less and email it to us at We will pick the stories that touch or tickle us most.

On Monday, we will send winners an invite to this special lunch in Dallas to toast the people that love and support us. Anybody is eligible to apply! Friends, vendors, strangers, shoppers, fans…. you name it!

We want to hear from you! Cheers, y’all!