Thank You From Flea Style!

Thank You From Flea Style!

Wow. That’s all we can say. Just WOW!!!

When we said that we were going to give all proceeds from our little online shop to East Texas tornado victims as well as bring your supplies donations to them we had no idea the response we’d get. To say our friends, fans and followers have big hearts is like saying we loathe vintage clothing and iced lattes.


We cannot thank y’all enough for all of your generous purchases and drop offs. A huge thank you to Morgan Huitt, Katy Brown, Paige Morse, Robin Garrett, Kelly Ann Sutton, Jillian Maifert, Lindsey Overton and Maria Pope for bringing items or funds by to help buy so many important essentials that people needed. Also, a big ol’ bear hug for Kellie Rode who dropped off some of her pretty jewelry for us to host a last minute Instagram flash sale and donate all profits to the cause!

To our shoppers! Omigosh, y’all cleared us out! Thank you to Kandye Dille, Sara Sena, Rita Renner, Paige Davidson, Jamie Huddleston, Cindy Epp, Katrina Skuljan, Hayley Shelton, Kelli Edwards, Molly Wright, Jenna Morrison, Amanda Montgomery, Kate Levering, Gigi Powers, Maria Valenzuela, Celeste Chumlea, Billy Deen, Jennifer Nunez, Elizabeth Benson, Ashley Agnew, Nancy Busby, Bri Crum, Emily Beattie, Kellie Rode, Robin Garrett, Catherine Lamb, Hilary Liston and Brianna Dunham. And a big high five to Grace and Alyssa who each bought something to chip in, too!

Seriously, y’all, our shoppers and team are THE BEST. And if we have forgotten you we apologize as our heads are still spinning from everyone’s kindness and support!


All week we hustled to source donations (Brittany even scored two pallets of baby formula from her pediatrician’s office while at a doctor’s visit). On Friday Brittany booked it in her big SUV to Sam’s Club to buy items in bulk. After talking to some of her husband’s East Texas contacts and a church in Athens spearheading recovery efforts, everyone pointed us to Canton’s fairgrounds off highway 64 as ground zero for help. They all said the same thing: People needed diapers, wipes, baby food, trash bags, duct tape, tarps, working gloves and food most.

She packed her cart with as many items that could possibly fit in her car. She literally pulled away from Sam’s with two bags of worker’s gloves in her lap driving back to the office because her trunk and seats were packed to the gills! On the way back she let her husband know they needed a trailer or van to haul everything out East and he pulled some strings to secure a utility van with loads of room!

On Saturday he drove the huge van and she took her car to Canton full of donations. The Canton Community Distribution Center was ecstatic to see them and about a dozen volunteers met them at their trunks to help unload all of the donated loot.

Thank you again from the bottom of our boots for all of your love, support and donations for a place that means so much to us and our small business. We are touched beyond words.


The Flea Style team


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