Behind the Scenes at Our Glitter Guide Shoot

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Earlier this spring, Glitter Guide featured Brittany’s cool Highland Park casa, calling it “the picture of bohemian elegance.” Being on the website was big fun for our founder, who is a devoted fan of the brand.

This special shoot called for Dallas spring show vendor and friend Natalie Shelton and the whole Flea Style gang for moral support (ok, wine sipping and girl time). The shoot wasn’t all fun and smiles: Natalie didn’t have any lighting equipment with her and the house is positioned so that we were racing against the clock and a fading sun.

Nevertheless, it all came together with a lot of laughs, a few wardrobe changes and a bottle of wine. And we love the way the feature turned out.

While we were shooting, Brittany realized that she’d never shared with Flea Style fans the sources of some of her favorite finds. When people see her incredible home, they find it hard to believe that it’s a mishmash collection of finds from flea markets, thrift stores and antiques shops, with a few inexpensive items from sources like and Crate & Barrel and a few big-ticket treasures that are investments with impact.

Here we pull back the curtain on the shoot and Brittany gives you a personal tour of her favorite things. These images are taken by our team while behind the scenes on the shoot.

You once said it was a dream come true to be featured on the site. Why?

I feel like the Glitter Guide reader is our shopper/customer/reader too, and I’m always looking for authentic ways to connect with our girl. The feature also meant that the editors felt the Flea Style story was important to tell — and that my crazy style was cool!

What kind of prep did you do for the photo shoot?

Absolutely nothing. Seriously. Of course I picked up the house, but I didn’t do anything crazy to prep. I was actually at my friend Blaine’s birthday lunch that day and had to break early to get home for Natalie. I popped by Trader Joe’s on the way home, grabbed a dozen coral tulips and put them in a couple of vases with some branches from my trees while Natalie set up. I purposely didn’t set up for the shoot, so it was a true story of my house and life. When she shot me in my bedroom barefoot I literally crushed two goldfish my son had left behind from the night before and swept the mess under the bed with my toes!

glitter guide flea style

You have decorated your home with handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind pieces from your shows, your travels, your Flea Style shopping excursions. What are some of your absolute favorite pieces? Let’s look at some of the photos.

That is total Sophie’s choice! My absolute favorite? My absolute favorite is the vintage turquoise Baccarat chandelier my husband bought me for our wedding. Next up would be a tug-of-war between my Beni Ourain rugs purchased in Morocco, the embroidered skull from Evoke the Spirit in Sayulita and the collage art piece I made from my great grandparents’ postcard correspondence from the ‘40s.

glitter guide flea style

glitter guide flea style

Art wall alert! Give us a few good stories about some of these pieces! 

I collect art like most women collect shoes or purses. I am a total art hoarder, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I was an art history minor in college and really learned to appreciate art when I was in my early 20s. Vintage oil paintings especially speak to me. I don’t discriminate when it comes to sources for my art. I collect pieces from flea markets, vintage stores and even my kids’ school bags. My great grandfather Arthur Elrod was an incredible artist, and I have several of his pencil drawings hanging throughout my house. The owl and peasant woman sketches above are by him.

People go crazy for these chairs in your living room. What’s the story?

I bought these chairs in Forney, Texas, from a crazy store off Highway 80. I drove a Volkswagen Beetle at the time and had to drive back and forth twice to pick them up individually because they wouldn’t fit in my ride together. They are so old they were stuffed with horse hair instead of having cushions. I found this amazing vintage suzani at a Wisteria Outlet sale to reupholster them with. I love how they are so one-of-a-kind and only get better with age. Pink is one of my favorite colors, so I never tire of that pop of fushcia!

glitter guide flea style

You love this Hermes photo. Did you get it at the Dallas Flea? What else in your off-the-hook dining room must we know about?

Yes, it means so much to me. My friend Jaclyn King took it in La Grange, Texas, many years ago. She and I shared a booth at my very first Dallas Flea, and she sold prints of it there. She gave me the original file so I could blow it up for my home. I love the vintage building, the tiny twinkle lights across the top of it and that big, beautiful, blue Texas sky. I also love the fact that the person behind the lens is somebody I love.

glitter guide flea style

You say that this is your favorite photo in the house. What’s the story?

Yes! I love this Hugh Holland piece because it reminds me of home. Hugh’s surfer and skater culture photography from the ’70s perfectly captured Southern California at the time. This particular piece, “Handstanding on the Beach, 1975,” is taken where I grew up goofing off seaside as a kid. I love everything about it: the colors, pop of palm trees and the way it evokes the carefree spirit that is deep in my bones from growing up near the ocean.

glitter guide flea style

What neat finds are in your bedroom?

The wood pieces above my bed are antique tent stakes from Morocco. The pretty carved details are so beautiful up close. They really tell a story. The rug is also from Marrakech; my husband and I bought it on my 30th birthday trip there. The pillow on the chaise is from a textile I bought at my first trip to Pasadena’s storied Rose Bowl Flea. My best friend, Paula, owns a company that employees refugee women to hand-make fashion and home products. One of her artisans sewed the pillow, so it’s special to me in many ways.

glitter guide flea style

glitter guide flea style

You say this is the most popular spot in your house. What neat treasures live in this little dining nook?

This is where my kids do art projects, where we chat over cereal every morning and where life just happens with littles. Their art hangs all over the walls alongside shots I’ve taken on vacation. It’s nothing special, but very special to my family. The main shot in the middle was taken by my very good friend Evans Caglage. We worked together at The Dallas Morning News for years; he’s like an uncle to me. That shot is from a photo shoot at The Mansion on Turtle Creek from the ’90s. I got married there in 2010, and Evans actually shot my wedding. I love the full circle meaning of that photo for me. I also love the women in their wacky pink vintage outfits that were totally in vogue at the time!

glitter guide flea style

Where did the swoon-worthy kitchen lanterns come from?

I found those at White Elephant Antiques. I had really cool brass fixtures hanging there but had to swap them when I met these gorgeous creatures. I literally screamed in the store when I laid eyes on them. They had to be in my life. I don’t have that reaction often, but when I do there is no stopping me. Ask my husband.

glitter guide flea style

What about the lanterns outside the pool cabana?

Those are from a store that is no longer in business in the Dallas Design District. They’re the matching pair to the lanterns that hang in the bar at Javier’s, a restaurant that my husband and I love to hit when we have a sitter and are craving margaritas and salsa. Our house is Spanish in style, so it is important to me to have pops of that culture throughout.

glitter guide flea style

What can you tell us about this guy?

That crazy painting is from Puerto Rico. I bought it during a mini moon my husband and I took after getting married. I saw this thing deep in the rubble of an antique store in old San Juan through the window but it was closed. I kept going back until finally it was open, and it was love at first meeting. I still don’t know how I got this thing on the plane, but somehow American let me!

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