Save the Succulents! Meet Plant Lady, Summit Workshop Host + Fall Vendor Botanicool

Save the Succulents! Meet Plant Lady, Summit Workshop Host + Fall Vendor Botanicool

We met Hope Tarin at our winter Flea Style Summit this year when she helped her husband Justin set up his branding workshop hosted by his company Visual Playground. We had no clue that the 26-year old entrepreneur and stay at home mom was growing her own business, too!

“I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I knew I wanted to create something from the ground up but had no idea what that was,” says Hope, who has a fashion merchandise and marketing degree. “I went through three rounds of ideas before Botanicool stuck.”

Botanicool is an affordable potted succulent company that offers small long lasting plants pre-planted inside cool portable pots with sleek wood shapes or bold graphic wraps for the modern millennial.

“I was not a fan of clay pots or drift wood, and even glass terrariums,” she says. “So I thought to myself “I’m creative and artsy why don’t I just make my own planter?”

Learn more about her budding business and all the tips you need to keep your plant lady goals green. Bonus: Meet Hope at Summit on September 23rd when she teaches a succulent workshop during our Office Style session (guests get to take home their cool creations!) and also at our Dallas fall show October 21st at her beautiful booth.

Flea Style succulent vendor Botanicool

Flea Style succulent vendor Botanicool

What was the idea behind your brand? To provide a modern and cool succulent planter at a reasonable price ($15-$34). Most unique planters these days are so high priced that it is hard for the average customer to attain.

People are cactus crazy right now! What’s the biggest mistake they make when they bring one home? Under watering them. People assume that because it is a “cactus plant” (mostly found in desert areas) that they can live in super dry environments for a long period of time.

What are some affordable ways to make an arrangement special? Find something around your home that isn’t being used and put it to use as an awesome planter! Use a mug, candle holder, tea kettle, unique shoe box… the possibilities are endless! Using sentimental objects make for a great gift too.


Love that! We want all the tips now. How about lighting tricks? Succulents can handle about half of the day in sunlight and half of the day in a more shaded area. When in doubt, place your plant in a more indirect sunlit area. Temperature also plays a huge part in how long your plant can last in a high sun lit area. If you are in a warmer environment, keep your plant in the sun during morning and evening hours (the hottest part of the day is mid afternoon). Fun Fact: Succulents can get a sun burn and it will slowly kill the leaves.

Soil tips? If you are using a planter with a normal drainage hole you are safe to use cactus/ succulent potting soil. When using non-draining planters, it is best to put a layer of gravel or small rocks at the bottom of the container before pouring in your cactus soil. This creates somewhat of a drainage system for your plants. While most store-bought succulent and cacti soil mixes are great, creating your own soil mixture usually produces the best combination. Although it is not necessary, we like to create a gritty soil mixture for non-draining planters, the best ratio we have discovered is about 1/3 sand or fine-grained material plus 2/3 cactus soil.

Do you ever need to change soil? No need to change your soil unless you have noticed your succulent is being taken over by bugs (mostly outdoor succulents) or has root rot.

Management/care tips: Plucking dead leaves is a must with any and all plants! If your succulent starts to blacken around the stem or leaves, it is suffering from rot. You’ll want to cut off the succulent above the rot, allow the cutting to dry for a few days and then replant the cutting in soil.

What is the best way to plant a succulent? Most store bought succulents will come in an individual tray and be somewhat packed together. Remove the plant from its container, break the pod up slightly (releasing the root system), and place in your planter. Be sure to keep your succulent as high up to the top of your planter as possible so it receives a good amount of air flow and light.

Flea Style Botanicool succelents


Those tips are so helpful! Any for making an arrangement look professional and not like a toddler did it? Make sure your succulent has room to grow! Too small of a planter mixed with a large succulent will stunt the growth of the plant (balance is key). If you want to make a statement arrangement, find a good combination of traditional colored succulents and bold colored succulents. You can even add in wood chips, moss, rocks, sand, or even funky finds around your house — a geode, seashell, antler, old piece of broken jewelry — to make it unique.

Where do you like to get supplies? For succulents I have a wholesale account with a lady in California. But I love Ruibals, the Dallas Farmers Market and Central Market. For soil Home Depot is great and for rocks and stones I love Dollar Tree. Hobby Lobby and local nurseries are great for moss. And for planters, well, Botanicool of course!

Meet Hope and her cool biz Bootanicool at our Dallas fall show October 21st. You can also meet her and learn all the succulent planting skills in person at Flea Style Summit September 23rd when she hosts the succulent bar station during our Office Style workshop (guests get to take home their pretty creations!). Need a succulent, like, now?! Visit

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