Vendor Stories: Luna Antigua

Sandra Falcon and Pamela Lozoya have talked fashion since they were grade school friends growing up in Chicago. Both of their families moved to Fort Worth during their pre-teen years and their friendship became stronger than ever as they put down roots in Texas.

Today the Fort Worth moms are raising their own children together as well as a budding company called Luna Antigua. The fair trade online boutique offers beautiful fashion items for kids and women while empowering and supporting female artisans in Guatemala.

“All of our pieces are sustainably made and individually curated,” say the co-founders. “Our hope is that women and children will wear Luna Antigua with pride, knowing that they are a part of a positive movement and that they are helping keep this art form alive.”

Learn more about these stylish businesswomen and meet them and their gorgeous wares October 21st at our Dallas show!

What inspired you to start Luna Antigua?

Sandra: I first saw a traditional Nahuala romper from Guatemala on Instagram from a favorite photographer who used it in his baby announcement. I’m a big fan of textiles and history so I begged Pam to bring me one while she was there for my son. I pitched the idea of starting an online shop and once she got to learn more about each hand-loomed piece she was on board! To us Luna Antigua represents our past generations and the traditions they have passed down.

What inspired you to start your business?

S: The culture and story behind the craft is what really captivated us. Each town in Guatemala specializes in their own embroidery so we get to learn a little more about the locals with each new piece.

Pamela : My family is from Guatemala and I grew up spending summers there. Bringing back a piece of my culture and childhood is one of my favorite things about Luna Antigua.

What is it like working with your best friend?

P: Reaching your goals and dreams with someone you used to run around on the playground with is pretty amazing and a great treat!

What’s the biggest challenge of it?

P: We have different personalities and sometimes may have a different approach to things. Luna Antigua has definitely pushed our friendship to a whole new level in these situations. We go by the motto “When I am weak, you are strong.” It’s a healthy way to give each other grace and build each other up.

Flea Style vendor Luna Antiqua offers global textile goods for women and children

What keeps your creativity flowing?

P: Our customers! We love hearing their feedback and appreciation for the art in our pieces. Their requests have also inspired new pieces so it’s always fun to work with the artisans to bring them to life.

S: Since we are pop-up based, our set ups are dynamic and we love getting creative with installations! Photography has a special place in my heart as well.

What is your favorite social media outlet for your company and why?

S: Hands down: Instagram! We’re both visual people and love connecting with locals and new friends through Insta!

Any tips for capturing that perfect social media photo?

S: Always clean the lens on your phone! With kids you always have those smudges and no editing or filter can fix that! We’re big fans of natural light too.

What is your favorite part of owning a business?

P: Independence!

S: Freedom to express yourself.

Least favorite part?

P: You definitely end up putting in more hours than you expect.

S: Ditto. That’s why you have to have a heart for it!

Who is your shopper and how do you connect with them?

S: Luna Antigua is loved by little ones that love to explore and women with an eye for detail and a heart for heirlooms. Luna Antigua is pop-up based so we collaborate with local businesses to bring a one stop shopping experience!

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to start their own business?

P: Definitely educate yourself on the ins and outs of your specific business. Don’t rush, take your time.

S: Connect with people. Put yourself out there and be a sponge to those willing to offer advice. Surround yourself with positive people. Owning a small business has its ups and downs and Pam and I quickly learned that we don’t lose, we only learn!

Okay, now some fun details about you… What is your favorite way to relax?

P: A glass of wine and nap!

S: My husband and I are lucky to have schedules that allow us to be with our kids while the other is at work but getting to pile up on the couch and watch a movie together at home or unplugging from social media is a good way to recharge!

The current trend you can’t live without?

S: Madewell handkerchiefs to tie around my neck or purse, anything linen and raw hem denim!

P: Fun statement earrings and loose waves in my hair.

Favorite hobby?

P: Riding bikes with my girls.

S: I love food and trying new places. This summer I had my first traditional Egyptian dinner and can’t wait to eat my way through Mexico City soon!

You travel often for your job. What is your favorite vacation spot and vacay memory?

P: Hawaii and Guatemala! My favorite memory is definitely watching Sandra drive for the first time in Antigua, Guatemala!

S : Venezia, Italy! For my memory, Guatemala just amazes me more and more with each trip. We’ve witnessed volcanoes erupting, swam in volcanic springs and the natives are genuinely the sweetest!


Morning or evening person?

Sandra: Morning

Pamela: Evenings

Coffee or tea?

S: Coffee

P: Tea

Current favorite TV show?

S: House of Cards (I know I’m behind)

P: Game of Thrones!

Savory or sweet?

Both: Savory!

“You guys” or “Y’all”?

S: You guys

P: Y’all

Favorite color?

S: Mustard

P: Black

Meet Sandra and Pamela at our Dallas fall show October 21st and shop their beautiful online shop at Buy your tickets now for our fun fall event!