5 Dallas Fall Show Vendors Open Up to Us

Our vendors are amazing. They work until the wee hours perfecting their craft and products. They often have multiple jobs to follow their passion. And they create unique, heartfelt things that constantly knock our socks off.

We are giddy for Saturday to share their amazingness with you and shop their booths right along side ya! We talked with five makers showcasing at our Dallas pop up recently to get the scoop on their small business.

From how they stay motivated to wise words they like to share with fellow creative spirits, we wanted to tell some of their stories with you.

Join us Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to meet these amazing people in person and 210 others that are trekking in from all over the country!


Carney Creations: Fun — and funny! — tees and tanks

Owner: Amanda Spiess

Hometown: Diana, Texas

Why do you do what you do? I love the creative process. I love the whole thing from designing the shirt to actually curing the ink. I love watching the designs come to life.

What inspires you? Everything inspires me. I take a small notebook with me in my purse so that either when I hear something or say something and think that needs to be on a shirt, I can write it down.

Words of advice for others? Just because it feels like there are a lot of people doing what you do, don’t worry. Those other people aren’t you and don’t have the same creative style. There is a niche for your stuff. Don’t give up or compare yourself to others.

Debbie Carroll Designs: Vintage inspired jewelry and colorful artwork

Owner: Debbie Carroll

Hometown: Austin, Texas

What inspires your work? A need to create and share my view of my own corner of the world. The sheer joy of using color and a love of vintage and well-loved objects.

What drives you to continue your business? I love being able to help support my family doing what I love. Sometimes this means juggling a lot of balls, but in the end, it is very worthwhile and fulfilling. When work feels more like play, you know you are doing something right!

Do you have any words of advice? Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. If no one sees your work, then nothing is going to happen.

Ida Mae Home: Beautiful bedding, textiles and pillows

Owner: Kristin Kiseljack

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

What inspires your business? Our Texas roots and love of creating and finding one-of-a-kind products for the home. Ida Mae Grant was my Nana, a Texas girl who grew up on a cotton farm near Waco.

What do you love about owning your own biz? Having worked in the buying department for large retailers previously, I have loved owning my own small business and being on the creative side of things. It’s so fun to develop a product from concept to completion and see it in stores.

Any advice for others? Never give up! This is the single most important piece of advice I’ve ever received and it’s so true.

Mod + Jo: On-trend handmade jewelry

Owner: Jordan Flynn

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

What inspires your business? Travel along with architecture and color combinations we find in cities and nature.

Why did you start your biz? I enjoy making things with my hands and creating something out of nothing. I started making accessories for myself and girlfriends when I was a broke college student. My friends received so many compliments on their gifts they wanted more.

What do you love about owning your own business? I enjoy watching myself grow as a self taught artists. I love getting together with other small business owners and becoming mutual mentors and talking each other through challenges and opportunities we receive.

Advice for others? Don’t compare your success to others who have been in your industry much longer than you. You can only compare your success to your former self.

Rosie + Belle: Flattering women’s clothing and festive accessories

Owner: Chelsea Bell

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

What inspires your work? Clothes are transformative. Not in what they say about a person but in how they make them feel. When a woman wears clothes that make her feel beautiful and fierce, that is what other people will see.

Why did you decide to start your business? I have always taken an interest in how and why people choose and buy which clothes they wear. Many years of anthropological research in this area both as a graduate student and a professor eventually led to the concept for Rosie + Belle. My goal is to help women feel confident and beautiful by creating clothes that make them feel comfortable.

What do you love about the small business community? The willingness of other small business owners to help one another through the myriad of challenges we face daily.

Words of advice for others? Self doubt is the silent killer of productivity. When you start to get overwhelmed or discouraged, remember why you are doing this and charge forward.


We hope to see you Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Market Hall located at 2220 N. Stemmons Freeway to shop our 215 vendors hawking gorgeous handmade and vintage lifestyle goods. Entry is $5 (cash only; pre-sale tickets here) and parking is free! Bring your kiddos (12 and under on the house) for a slew of fun activities from art projects to a teepee maze and sweet snacks. Also expect music, bites, sips, free floral crowns, author book signings and more! Do not miss this shop small party, y’all!