Vendor Stories: Tips and Tricks To Have A Successful Show

Flea Style 2017 Spring Show Dallas

Vendors reach out to us all the time for tips and tricks to set up their booth for success.

Although every booth is different, generally we preach the importance of good lighting, a shopper-friendly layout (don’t forget stroller traffic!) and having plenty of merchandise to entice people into the space amid a vast sea of handmade and vintage goodness.

But there are so many non-aesthetic things to consider, too. Smile at shoppers. Put your phone away and engage with the audience. Hand out marketing tools to connect with consumers post show.

After receiving so many questions — and watching some vendors kill it every single show for eight years no matter the attendance or economic climate — we called in a couple women that have walked the walk and are now operating major lifestyle companies thanks to their solid selling and show set up skills.

Meet longtime Flea Style vendors Claire Morgan and Carmen Aberasturi and listen to some of their top tips and tricks for having a successful pop up event.



Meet Claire and Carmen at our Dallas fall show this Saturday at Market Hall from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.! Tickets are $5 at the door or skip the line and buy your pre-sale tickets now!