A Follow Up With First Flea Style Mentorship Program Recipient Lindsey Overton

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Last year at this time, we launched the Flea Style Mentorship Program. Our hope was to help one small business owner navigate the choppy waters of starting a small biz and help him or her lay the bricks to build a sustainable and successful company.

We were overwhelmed by the number — and quality! — of applicants. We were so touched by their stories, dreams and candor. In the end, we simply couldn’t say no to Krisen Home founder Lindsey Overton.

For the past year we have met with Lindsey to go over branding strategy, public relations tips, photography tricks and so much more. We fell for Lindsey’s infectious spirit and desire to learn that we even wrapped her into a pop up shopping event with us and detoured from the program’s planned path at times to tackle things really important to her in the moment.

A year later, we now consider Lindsey a true friend and are so proud of her professional growth and look forward to watching Krisen Home flourish!


How would you describe the Flea Style mentorship program? The Flea Style mentorship was extremely helpful for us, as a new small business! When we began, Krisen Home was about a year old and I was flying by the seat of my pants with business planning. Throughout the mentorship, we’ve developed a more clear and consistent voice, direction and strategy.

What was best advice you received? The best advice I received was probably in a session with Visionary Playground, on branding. I think it is great advice for any small business! They said to be sure to include your personal story on your website and social media! Such a simple tip, but potential customers are more likely to buy and become repeat customers when they feel a personal connection. This is a great way to ensure that your brand is attracting an authentic tribe!


Flea Style vendor Krisen Home


What was your favorite session and why? Oh, that’s a really tough one. I really enjoyed meeting with Brittany’s publicist! It was something I went in with zero knowledge of, and honestly had not given much thought before. We discussed reaching out to local editors in a way that is applicable and appropriate for my business. One of the biggest take aways for me, on this one, was to have a file prepared of products with prices listed. That way, when you are sending information to publications, they have what is needed right away, and don’t have to go digging on the internet. We also talked about doing giveaways on social media with other complimentary brands and introducing your products to local influencers through gifting. All great ways to build brand awareness!

Are there any benefits you’ve seen so far? I’ve seen a significant improvement in our web layout and photography! Flea Style pushed me to switch web hosts, which made navigating our site so much easier. With photography, one important point that Brittany mentioned was scale. Place smaller products next to something when shooting, for example. This gives your customers an idea of size, in case they skip over listed dimensions.


Flea Style vendor Krisen Home


What were you most surprised by during the mentorship? The amount of time and resources used to guide us in improving our business! Each session was about an hour long, and I was even able to sit in on one of Flea Style’s photo shoots. When we switched web hosts, Brittany and Grace completely walked me through setting it all up on Shopify! I’m so grateful for that.

Was the program what you expected? It was everything I expected and more! Brittany and her team held my hand through the entire mentorship.

Is there one piece of advice you learned from the mentorship that you want to share with other small business owners? This would go back to the best advice mentioned by Visionary Playground about sharing your personal story with your potential customers. Just be authentic in every way, and don’t be afraid to show your personality.


Flea Style vendor Krisen Home


How did the mentorship empower you? I definitely feel more confident in our brand’s perspective, voice and strategy.

Is there anything you would have changed about the mentorship? I feel like everything was covered very well, but I could always take in more photography and graphic design tips! I wouldn’t make any changes though. It was just the thing to help take our business to the next level!


Flea Style vendor Krisen Home


What was the toughest part of the program? Changing our website was definitely the scariest step for me! I am extremely happy with the results and absolutely love Shopify! The web host I originally set up with was great for getting our first website off the ground. However, most of our visitors, check us out on their phone and it was not very mobile friendly.

Anything else you’d like to add about your experience? Thank you! THANK YOU!! THAAANK YOUUUU!!!!


Shop Krisen Home here and learn more about our first recipient in the video below! And stay tuned for our next mentorship program application date in 2018!