Shop Talk: Demo Day + Dreamy Deliveries

We’re kicking off the New Year with a bang! We started demolition on our main building during the holidays to clean the slate for construction.

Due to some ceiling damage, we knew we needed to take down the 100-year old painted tin ceiling tiles to address some structural issues. We had no clue what we would find hiding above but had a hunch there could be some pretty wood beams given the building’s age.

Well, Christmas came early for Flea Style! Not only did we find beautiful wood beams, but shiplap on the ceiling too! The design is simply a dream!





We will need to address the southwest side of the building where several of the cross beams were damaged but overall the ceiling is in fabulous shape and truly a work of art. Above, was formerly an office space inside the building. The old walls were hiding this cool sliding door pulley system that we will highlight and leave exposed to showcase the building’s beautiful history.




Once demo was complete, I took some large fixtures and slabs of pretty pink marble I’ve had in storage out and brought them inside for my architect and construction crew to get a live look at the materials they’ll be working with. Several months ago I found five 12-foot antique teak doors from India at a Dallas store closing and bought them on the spot.

At the time, I purchased the doors for our former 14,000 space we were working on off 75 and Walnut Hill (totally lost? read this). Luckily, our new building’s 15-foot ceiling height can accommodate these bad boys. They’re currently painted a metallic brown but we plan to strip them back to their natural grayish light brown wood glory days and use them to divide the store and studio/corporate office spaces.

These doors weigh over 500 pounds each! It took a forklift, four men and rolling cart to transport them from the moving truck to inside the space!




I had the demo team salvage as many of the ceiling tiles that they could. I thought it would be sweet to cover a wall in them, use some as decorative accents and maybe even wrap our cash wrap with them. I just love their history and perfectly chippy ivory paint.

Behind the pile of tile is a big stack of shiplap. I plan to wrap our bathroom walls or rolling display walls with the vintage wood to both repurpose it and continue to tell the story of this historical building from the late 1800s.




When the former owners bought the building, the top row of front facade windows were covered with wood and they didn’t know what lived underneath. I squealed with joy when I saw the original vertical pane windows still there! They’re in pretty rough shape so I’m not sure if we can restore them but that’s the plan as of now.

I also plan to restore the concrete floors and exposed brick walls. The plan is to bring back to life as many original elements inside and outside the space as possible.




Next steps: We receive our final plans today to sign off on and send to the city for a construction permit. We’re sending the plans out to bid and find our perfect general contractor and crew.

We’re starting to work on custom elements inside from building our cash wrap to studio space workshop tables for adults and kiddos. We’re selecting light fixtures, combing through cool wallpapers and even thinking about exterior paint colors.

Keep checking back here for regular updates, photos and behind-the-scenes access to all the fun! Search for our “Shop Talk” stories for previous posts about this process.