Shop Talk: Beams, Plumbing Deets + Demo Day 2.0

Flea Style Shop Talk 3009 Commerce St

I am sooo excited to have some major progress news on our new store, studio and office! We finally received our permit early last week and our construction team instantly pulled out their hammers and nails and got to work on things.

They started with repairing some of the beautiful interior beams that had water damage from a past leak. They turned out really pretty and now we just have to decide if we keep the ceilings raw and exposed or paint them to make them all match. If we leave our brick in its original state, then I think I will paint. If we paint the walls a solid color, then I think we will keep the ceilings original. Decisions, decisions!


Flea Style's 3009 Commerce Street Construction Phase


Flea Style Shop Talk 3009 Commerce St


Last week the demolition on our second building started. Since we had been out of town in California for our work retreat, I didn’t get to see the space until Tuesday. It was so much fun to walk inside! I had an idea of what it would look like, but it was even more spacious and stunning than I imagined!

The brick is the prettiest pinky orange color! I am obsessed and definitely plan to keep it natural. The beams are so architectural and cool, too! I love the triangular design and simplicity of them.

We still aren’t sure what this space will become. We are hoping to occupy it with a culinary concept up our sleeves after we get our sea legs in our big space. It’s taking every ounce in my being to not try to start on this idea asap but I keep reminding myself to be patient and do one big project at a time!


Flea Style Shop Talk 3009 Commerce St


Flea Style Shop Talk 3009 Commerce St


The other huge job in our big space this week was bringing plumbing to the front for our studio restroom. We kept the original back bathroom blueprint but added one up front too for our private events, pop ups, art camps and workshops.

It was a ton of work! They had to saw cut about 12 inches deep of concrete all the way up to the front of the building. As much as I tried to save money and be smart about the design of the space, an extra restroom was one area I was not willing to scrimp on!


Flea Style Shop Talk 3009 Commerce St


Flea Style 3009 Commerce Street Storefront Sketch


They were supposed to start removing and re-building the storefront this week but Dallas’ insane amount of rain over the past two weeks has delayed this part of the project. Quick side note: The only perk to these buckets and buckets of rain drops? We found that we have a small roof leak and can fix it asap instead of once we’re inside and would damage our pretty merch!

The storefront work started today and should be complete next week. I wanted to honor the building’s original bones so it’s very similar to the original design but updated and more symmetrical. I added some wood paneling to honor the old days even though people warned me about the upkeep of wood. I don’t care! I will love it accordingly to keep the building honest to the late 1800’s and not look like every remodeled steel and metal building in Dallas.


Flea Style Shop Talk 3009 Commerce St


We’re starting to talk about colors for the building’s facade. We’re leaning towards a soft paint color for the brick (I love to honor history but that dark red brick color has to go!) and then a deep lacquered color for the groovy ’60s front doors I scored at First Monday Trade Days a couple months ago. Not sure about the wood trim but thinking white or a light gray…

Tomorrow the team and I are headed to Canton to find some final fixtures with a dozen shoppers for the store. Hope I have some major treasures to report back about next week!

Talk soon!

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