Shop Talk: Wall Framing, Sheetrock + BTS Video!

Flea Style Shop Talk

I arrived back from California Sunday night and was kid-in-a-candy-shop excited to see the store and studio this week! I wasn’t disappointed as a lot of noticeable changes had been made!

First up: Our walls are coming to life! The metal framing is in place for our studio and headquarters (the retail space is a wide-open layout) and some sheetrock is even installed. It’s so fun to see the building start to shape up and to imagine what will transpire in the new layout and individual areas inside.



3009 Commerce Deep Ellum building construction


3009 Commerce Deep Ellum building construction


While walls are going up, the insulation is also be installed. It’s quite a lengthy process and should officially be completed by Friday. Once that’s in, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) will go underneath also tucked up inside the rafters.


3009 Commerce Deep Ellum building construction


Today when I was meeting with contractors and security companies, the back glass windows were being demolished for new glass cuts. It was so crazy to watch! A man was taking a hammer and individually — and super carefully — breaking each pane until it shattered to the ground. After taking out several he would then move inside the building and sweep up the mess before moving onto another section.


3009 Commerce Deep Ellum building construction


It was really important to me to keep the original metal framing around the windows but we could not salvage the old glass. From broken pieces to super inefficient qualities they just had to go. The new result should be simply stunning and I love the fact that the original patina that’s over 100 years old will still be in place for people to gawk over and appreciate!


3009 Commerce Deep Ellum building construction


Yesterday I met with the Deep Ellum Foundation — a neighborhood non-profit in place to support, educate and elevate the area — and learned everything from important neighborhood events to projected growth for the area. To say I’m excited for Flea Style to have a home in this neck of Dallas’ woods would be a major understatement! There is so much coming to the area and improvements on the way. It’s very exciting!

Today I met with audio-visual companies to start designing our security and sound system design. We’re working around the clock on details small and big from dressing room curtain (scored some fun ones last night!) and new podcast directors chairs to kitchen appliances. It feels like there are a million things on our plate right now — there kind of are! — but it’s all so exciting and fun. Each time we visit the space and see the progress it’s just a testament to our hard work and tireless vision.

Check back next week for the latest and greatest!

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