Our First Monday Trade Days Shoppers Sound Off + A New Video!

Last month we rented a party bus and piled 18 flea market lovers inside to hit the road and shop Canton’s First Monday Trade Days market. Most of the women had never been to the huge Texas flea before and were blown away by all of the amazing handmade, vintage and cool finds sprinkled throughout the sprawling fields and arbors.

We showed the group our favorite shopping areas, lunch pit stop (hello, brisket sammies!) and ice cream camper. When it was time to leave, our bus was stuck in a big mud puddle. Instead of being bummed, we busted out a parking lot party with wine and a draw-dropping show ‘n tell session.

Our group’s treasures were so crazy good we wanted to share some with you.  Here are five shoppers from the day and some of their favorite finds!


First Monday Trade Days shopping trip with Flea Style



K E L L E Y  C O P E L A N D


Was this your first FMTD trek? 

This was not my first Canton experience, but definitely the most fun!  Searching for treasures with fellow “flea-lovin’ gals” is the best!

What was your favorite find this trip?

My favorite find of the day were a few vintage chenille bedspreads. I have two dogs that love to lounge on my couches so these are great slipcovers that are easy to throw in the wash every week!  The lady that sells all of the textiles in the Civic Center building is one of my favorite stops and she usually has a few, but if you don’t get there early, they’re gone!

What was your favorite memory of the day?

My favorite memories of the day were getting to know the other girls on the trip and learning what they like to thrift!  Oh… and ice cream!



R I T A  R E N N E R


Was this your first time at FMTD? 

This wasn’t my first time at First Monday Trade Days, but I really enjoyed the party bus field trip! It was great to spend a day with a group of women who appreciate old things and the thrill of the find as much as I do.

Favorite find of the day?

A purse I grabbed for $10! It is a mini carpet bag with a fab buckle and Pendleton vibe.

Best moment of the trip? 

When our party bus got stuck in the mud from all of the rain and Sam Deen, who was running for congress, came to our rescue! We managed to entertain ourselves during the mayhem with some Kendall-Jackson wine and impromptu storytelling about our finds.


First Monday Trade Days shopping trip with Flea Style



B R O O K S  A N N E  B E R R Y


Had you been to First Monday Trade Days before?

No! I’ve been wanting to go, and this was the perfect opportunity to take the plunge.

Thoughts on the market?

I loved it so much that I’ll be going back in the next month or two! I was shocked that it’s only a bit over an hour drive from Dallas.

What was your favorite find from the shopping trip?

I scored a vintage black leather fringe cropped jacket that is so fab. I’ve worn it draped with half a dozen outfits already. Also, I found a vibrant hand-sewn Ootomi table runner for $7 that I’m absolutely obsessed with.

Describe it and how you found it!

The Flea Style gals pointed out the jacket and I was like “Can I have it?!”. I found the runner deep in a bin covered with vintage silk scarves — I took home about ten of those too!

Favorite memory of the entire day?

Everything from sipping champs en route to bartering with vendors and sipping Kendall-Jackson wine on the journey home. It was all great. And I loved meeting all of the fun girls!



A L L Y  B A X T E R


Some perks of flea market shopping?

I love a good hunt and keeping my eyes peeled for something that fits my personal style! It’s also fun to learn the story behind the vendors’ finds and getting to know them at their booths.

Favorite find from this FMTD trip?

A vintage 80s themed high chair. I love the vibrant pattern and colors!

Favorite memory from the day?

Meeting new friends and walking in the fresh air!



A U T U M N  W A N G


Was this your first time at First Monday Trade Days? 

This was my first time — and to Canton ever! I loved it! It was a refreshing day that re-inspired creativity!

What was your favorite find from the trip? 

An authentic shirt from Mexico with bright flowers that’s perfect for spring!

Favorite memory of the shopping trek?

Eating homemade ice cream from this cool camper that’s been making homemade ice cream for three generations!



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