Shop Talk: Elevations, Ceiling Changes + Our Little Helpers

This past week has been the most exciting at the building by far!

The insulation is completely installed and was primed and painted early this week! We selected a putty gray green color for the ceiling to blend the insulation and rafters and are so in love! We didn’t want to go with the standard white or black and boy am I glad we stepped outside the box! The color is so soothing and adds the perfect muted pop!

HVAC work is beginning and walls and sheetrock continue to go up. Rough-in ceiling electrical is in and I placed the order for all of our commercial fixtures — recessed lighting, tracks, pendants and gooseneck sconces — this week! I also ordered hundreds of feet of cafe lights to string between both buildings. I cannot wait to see them installed and twinkling at night during our grand opening!

Grace drew a really realistic elevation of what the exterior will look like. It makes us giddy every single time we put our eyes on it!


3009 Commerce Street construction project for Flea Style's headquarters


3009 Commerce Street construction project for Flea Style's headquarters


Gate for 3009 Commerce


All of the glass is officially out of the back windows. What a project!

Tuesday I met with a wrought iron company to discuss our parking lot sliding gate and back entry swing gate. Curb appeal is key to me. It’s our first impression to shoppers! I’m working really hard to make it perfect and represent our look, feel and what we’re all about inside our vintage 60s doors!

The company’s first stab was a little too boring and plain for my taste. We’re going back to the drawing board to add a little pizazz. In the meantime, I went out hunting for an iron door for our back patio to match the simple entry gate and found a 60s style from the same era as our front doors. It needs some love and major paint but will add a fun touch to the new design.




3009 Commerce Street construction project for Flea Style's headquarters


Last weekend my husband and I took our kids down to the building to show them around. They had a ball jumping on the sheetrock, dancing throughout the space and daydreaming about their desks inside mommy’s office.

This week some more of our custom tables for the workshop studio arrived by a local woodworker we hired.  We’ve started parking lot conversations discussing everything from the layout to signage and gravel types. So. Many. Decisions!!!

Beyond the construction stuff, we’re also working on all the things that need to be in place inside the store. We’re sending off items to be reupholstered to go inside the dressing rooms to on the retail floor. We have started talking to possible employees and walking through vendor product layout ideas. We’re ordering custom tissue and bags to dressing room curtains (the first shipment was a big fat failure so wish us luck this second go-round).

We’re still on track for a spring 2018 opening. We’re aiming for June 1st. Stay tuned and save the date!