Vendor Stories: Color Street

Have you heard of Color Street? We had never heard of the new nail application company until local brand stylists Timla and Sarah Healey approached us about showcasing the biz at our Dallas spring show.

At first we were unsure if the business fit our mission of handmade, vintage and one-of-a-kind. So we reached out to the mother-daughter duo to learn more and quickly fell in love with the cool concept they represent and found out that the products are made in the US and can create completely unique nail art.

Learn more about this cool concept and be sure to try some samples at our Dallas show this Friday and Saturday!


Color Street nail polish strips


On the Color Street site, it says that the business idea blossomed when the founder saw a woman trying to polish her nails in a nearby cab while stuck in a traffic jam! Can you elaborate how that experience grew into the company today?

Yes, it’s true! Founder Fa Park knew that there had to be a better way for women to paint their nails quickly. Our super easy and fast application real nail polish strips are taking the painted nail market by storm! The company has sold over $35 million in nail strips since last June. We are tracking this quarter to be the fastest growing direct sales company out there!


Color Street nail polish strips


What exactly is a nail polish strip? 

Our nail strips are base, color and top coats of high quality 100% real nail polish all in one perfect little strip about double the size of your nail. It’s a one-step application process.

Walk us through the process in a couple sentences!

Choose the size the fits your nail, pull off the top clear piece, remove the color strip, lay it on desired nail, mold it onto nail, file or score off excess quickly with a finger on your other hand. There’s no dry time, smudges or streaks and they last up to 14 days. They’re easily removable, too, with normal nail polish remover.



What styles of strips do you sell? 

We have solids, glitters, glitter designs, nail art designs (think palm leaves, hearts, lace) and a variety of French tips. We sell classic and on-trend styles.

We love that all the products are made in the USA! 

We do too! We love our country and value all those who make it work! Growing American jobs and giving back to our home turf helps make our product even greater!

Color Street versus conventional nail polish. What are the benefits of using your products over the normal stuff?

Easy! Paint a couple fingers with regular polish and then apply Color Street nail strips on some others and see which ones last longer. Hands down Color Street will be the winner. No dry time, smell or smudges and they definitely last longer.



What is your mission as a company?

Color Street is a creative beauty brand that supports and empowers a person’s spirit and individuality. We celebrate entrepreneurs and inspire them to pave the road to personal success.

Describe Color Street in three words. Why did you want to work with the company?

Fast, easy, awesome. We chose Color Street because it is a hot start up company with limitless opportunity to build a thriving business.

What are your current favorite colors or patterns?

We absolutely love all the glitters. It’s super fun to mix and match, too (we love a silver glitter accent nail!). We’re smitten with Coral Bay — a pink and gold ombre style — right now.

Color Street nail polish strips


What’s your best seller?

Currently, we can’t keep the Atlantis design in stock. It’s a pretty blue pattern that looks like a mermaid tail. People love it!

Meet Color Street this Friday and Saturday along with 200 other vendors at our Dallas show at Market Hall! Buy your pre-sale tickets now at! Parking and kids 12 and under are free! Visit for more information!